Did you know that no amount of positive thinking would overcome or undo the magnetic energy of your negative thoughts?

Did you know that your negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs have been accumulated over eons of lifetimes and are carried forward into the current life with a powerful effect?

Did you know that to have foundational change (rather than a bandaid) this energetic baggage must first be neutralized?



My name is Janet Richmond, and you’ve just been let in on the missing piece of information that has the amazing potential to help you transform the areas in your life that continually resist change despite your best efforts to improve them. For the past 25 years I have been studying this very concept and using it in my own life.

I was excited when the Law of Attraction began making its way into mainstream thinking. People everywhere were diligently applying the tools of positive thinking. However, I saw too that the other half of this very important equation - what to do with our negative thoughts - was either rarely or only vaguely addressed. Yet without the skills to tackle the flip side of this coin, people would simply not see the results they so desperately wanted to achieve.

In order to make the changes we want in our lives it is crucial to understand that our beingness doesn't end at the skin. Around our physical body we all have a large energetic field that carries all the energies we have created through the thoughts, actions and emotional responses we process every day, every year, every decade and every life. Once created, these energies are borne into permanent existence and they affect EVERY aspect of our lives - what we manifest, our self-identities, how we feel about ourselves, our viewpoints, our relationships, our material balance, our health and much more.
When it comes to thought energy for example, the general misconception surrounding negative thoughts is that all we need to do is focus more intently on the positive and the negative will simply atrophy and disappear. This unfortunately is not the case. The positive only possesses the magnetic power to draw in like positive energy and circumstances and has no effect whatsoever on the negative energies we are already carrying. The negative then is left active within our energy field with an unrestrained license to grow and to continue drawing unwanted negative situations and conditions into our lives.  Since we cannot get rid of the energy, the key then is to render the negative energies harmless. We do this by Neutralizing the negative energies we carry. Neutralizing is the significant missing step in the manifestation process; a step so powerful and effective that it gives all of us the ability to drastically alter the course of our lives.

My book CHOICES–Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints not only explains this crucial missing piece to the Law of Attraction but also offers the simple tools that ANYONE can use to begin getting real change in their lives. I myself have been utilizing the Neutralizing technique for a long time and I have seen such tremendous and overwhelming results in my own life that I know beyond a doubt you too can begin to produce dramatic results.

If you’re one of the many people who has been let down or frustrated by your inability to turn your life around, don’t give up yet. To help you get started you can follow this link to check out the many ways in which you can learn this very valuable information. You can also browse the Free Downloads link on the menu bar above to dive right in. And if you're interested in learning just how much I've been able to change with the help of the Neutralizing technique, follow this link to read my story. People who haven't seen me in years literally don't recognize me today. And I am healthier and happier than ever before. To say that these techniques have worked would be an understatement. And I know they can help you too. I'd love to hear your thoughts and/or questions on this life-changing philosophy so feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

With Love and in Light, Janet