Neutralizing Judgemental Emotions

$25.00 each Width: 12 inches
Length: 10 inches
Height: 3 inches

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Playing the blame game toward ourselves and others when we get emotional in some way is a response we may want to change. This picture will help shift you away from that detrimental habit.

The image upon this canvas is literally imbued with the energies that help in Neutralizing the Habit of Targeting Others with Our Emotions, so that the artwork is actually doing the work. You do not need to meditate on it. Just hang it in your home or office and focus your attention on it from time to time. This allows the desired change to manifest more quickly. The energy is slow but constant, working in your Highest Ideal.


Size - 8.5x11Canvas - Bristol Paper (acid-free with a vellum surface)

Medium - Any combination of pastels, pens, colored pencils and charcoal

Frame - Your Catalytic Art comes unframed

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