Original Recordings of Joan Culpepper


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Joan Culpepper was an amazing person. Her ability to go into frequency and pull in the Higher Self information was nothing short of phenomenal. I first met her in 1983 when I went to see her for a psychic reading. Instead of the kind of person wearing a turban and tie-dyed clothes that I was expecting I found a woman in a wacky ‘Foxy Lady’ T-shirt, drinking a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette. In short she was just like all of us. She quickly put me at ease as she opened up a little about herself. In the reading she first did a Tarot spread giving me the more normal psychic reading but then ending with a section where she accessed information from the Higher Selves doing what she called a soul scan. At first I didn’t really understand exactly what she what she was doing but I was able to suspend disbelief and confusion enough to listen. And I’m so glad I did.

The experience of learning all of the intriguing things from the Higher Selves during the reading motivated me to become part of Joan’s various metaphysical groups for the next four years, including her basic Wednesday Group. The Higher Selves led this group, talking to us in an informal but informative way. Every week they brought us information and exercises geared toward healing ourselves, understanding life from a more expanded level and developing our own abilities. They explained how our outer reality is created and how we can recreate it to be what we want it to be. I listened intently and I immediately started using and working diligently with the exercises they gave us. The fear and insecurity that had held me prisoner for so long began to ease. There was movement in my life at last and I had the Higher Selves information to thank.

When Joan died in 2006 we were all in shock. This woman was a metaphysical genius. She cared for all of humanity and would be greatly missed. At her memorial many of us came together to honor her, to share our grief and to celebrate her gift to humanity. My appreciation of that gift made me even more determined to make sure that it was not lost. For me, the Higher Self information was the solution to a lifetime’s desire for answers and help. This information became the foundation of my life from the first moment I became aware of it. I live it every day and now see the world through its expanded lens.

Although I have hundreds of documents that contain the transcribed material of her many sessions, nothing compares to the experience of hearing her voice as she went into a conscious meditation with the Higher Selves. I feel as if her amazing ability to bring in the Higher Self voice verbatim was and still is unmatched. Therefore, I want to give you all the opportunity to listen to her as she spoke. There are over 800 CDs and I have chosen 10 to provide for anyone the opportunity to hear her voice, the original voice of the Higher Selves. These recordings come from several of her Wednesday Group sessions. And I have chosen the ones that are on point with so much of what I have shared with everyone. The topics include:

Manifesting on Earth
Earth's Pure Soul Essence
Soul Psychology
Evolutionary Thrust
Thought Form Body
Rainbow Bridge
Pure Soul Essence
Proper Self Love
Creative Life Force Energy
Pure Soul Essence
Soul/Mind Detox

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