CHOICES-Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints



Did you know that no amount of positive thinking will overcome your negative thoughts?

Did you know that your negative thoughts have a life of their own and that before any true change can happen they must first be neutralized?



It is commonly believed that focusing your attention more intently on positive or inspiring thoughts will reduce or eliminate the negative in your life. Or that somehow the negative will atrophy away. This is simply not the case. To really see where the dilemma lies, it’s important to first understand a few things about every thought you’ve ever had (whether negative or positive).

First, thoughts live forever. Once created into existence they cannot be eliminated. This is because thoughts are energy and energy can never be destroyed. However, energy can be transformed. It can be neutralized into a balanced state: neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ but balanced and neutral. This eliminates its magnetic charge and renders it harmless.

Second, a positive thought is only attracted to (and attracts in) other positive thoughts. So when we think positively we do empower that positive thought further, making it stronger and stronger and allowing it to provide more fuel to create what actually manifests in our lives. But, a positive thought does not have any effect on a negative thought, nor does it influence it in any way.

Third, the negative thoughts that still exist within our unconscious continue to attract in other negative thoughts (even if not from us any longer). They do not disappear or become ineffective just because we’re no longer thinking negatively. To further compound the problem, the fact is that over this lifetime and all lifetimes, we have dwelt much more often on the negative than the positive. And because our negative thoughts have been allowed to grow unchecked for such a long time, much of what we weave into existence in our physical reality uses this abundant negative fuel in its creations.

It is unrealistic that a sudden concentration on positive thoughts will give most of us the quick and life-altering results we so desperately want. Even if we have been trying to focus on the positive for a number of years it is still a long up hill battle because the negative simply has too big a head start. Being conscious and aware of our thoughts is valuable because with consciousness comes power; however, we could therefore go on thinking positive thoughts with few results. If we do nothing to the existing negative thoughts within our unconscious, we have given these negative thoughts, by default, an unrestrained license to continue to grow, thereby fueling the creations of unwanted situations and conditions into our lives.

Therefore, although positive thinking is important, even more so is the Neutralization of the negative energy that is already there. This is the process whereby we are able to render the negative fuel harmless, allowing real and permanent change into our lives.

I first came across this information over twenty years ago. Specific and simple techniques were given to neutralize the negative thoughts. And I began using them immediately to undo the patterns, misunderstandings and negative self-identities that had held me prisoner from an early age. To say that these techniques have worked would be an understatement. People who haven't seen me in years literally don't recognize me today and I am healthier and happier than ever before. After so much success with these processes, I am eager to share this information with as many people as I can.

Stop living the life you don't want and start living the life you do! Read Janet's amazing book Choices-Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints to learn the truly life-altering technique of Neutralization.

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"A good friend of mine from California introduced me to Janet. What Janet has to share with me and the world is very exciting and important – that we can choose our own path, that we can neutralize negative energy we carry around with us and then use that neutral energy to empower us... She shows us that we can identify and change patterns in our lives for the better...and the best part of all is that we can connect with our origin, our pure soul essence, the part of the originating source of all there is...and amalgamate with our Higher Selves. How about that! First I read her book CHOICES. Then I went back to it over and over again testing its words against the events around my days. There is one exercise I love to use when I get stressed that is so simple. Think of the stress or emotional upset as black smoke coming out of the top of your head turning white as it does so. When you do it, you release some emotional diarrhea! Life is all about choices so then why not choose to succeed? "Each of you has the power, ability and knowledge to take full and complete control of your life, to neutralize what you desire to neutralize and to create what you desire to create. You are capable. You are able. And you are ready". This is the Higher Selves quote on page 67 from Janet’s book, CHOICES.


"My theory on spirituality is that Universal laws should be easy, not complex. Advancing spiritually should be fun and not considered work. Janet Richmond and her Higher Self information follow this pattern.

This book offers great perspectives that are easy to follow and easy to implement in your daily life. The meditation is simple. After a few times, I already had it pretty much memorized.

One thing I found amusing and never thought of doing was going in to my creative body and asking questions to see what I've been busy creating. And, since we all create our own reality, how can we blame anyone for anything that occurs in our lives? Whew! That's a relief. I love it when a plan comes together.

Another thing I learned from the book is that events in our life are neutral. From our past lives and experiences, we associate emotions with these events. Therein lies the problem. If we can separate our emotions from whatever occurs in our lives, we can break these patterns and deter the thought process that makes us continue to recreate these events.

There are many more situations Janet takes you through that are equally if not more important than these. Definitely worth reading and keeping as a reference. Janet also has a radio show on Blog Talk radio you can download from iTunes that is a natural follow through from here."


"This book provides simple exercises for dealing with a person's self-defeating patterns and behaviors, in a unique fashion that I've never seen before. It doesn't just tell you to think positively about yourself (although it does show how to do that); it also shows how you can get rid of negative patterns and behaviors that may be interfering with any positive thinking that you may have already implemented."


"Janet has written a fabulous book introducing everyone to the wisdom of the Higher Self information along with a practical guide to put these exercises into practice. It is flavored with her own personal wisdom, grace and understanding. This book is so powerful! You CAN make more enlightened choices!"
Lynne, Winnetka, CA


"I’ve been reading – and re-reading your book since I got it. It’s incredible – so helpful – so clear – so absolutely positive. Thank you!"


"First of all, I have to thank you for sending your book, and, especially, for writing it, since it is proving so helpful.  I suppose, in a way, it was a little irritating at first, for the simple reason that it was not possible to just sit down and read it, like most other books, but one could not in all conscience move on without practicing the exercises as they came up. Now these have become my daily meditation before I go to work every morning. Because of this, gradually my life and attitude towards it are changing for the better."


"I received your book several months ago, but never settled in to read it. It's now my 'middle of the night', 'can't sleep' favorite!! I really like it, but need to find a source to purchase it at wholesale for my store: The Crystal Voyage. I dropped a note to New Leaf Distributing to let them know it's a really great book. Thank you!"
Crystal, Crystal Voyage Bookstore Tacoma, WA


"I have read your book, Choices, a few times. Each time I glean new insight.  You did a fantastic job in writing it!"