Jane and Company: Understanding the Interaction Between the Living and the Dead

In 1984 one of Joan Culpepper’s friends asked her to help heal her brother who had for many years exhibited bizarre behavior. The mental health community had tried to help but diagnosis was never clear and no treatments seemed to work. Joan agreed and enlisted the help of Joe Williams, a healer she often worked with. Between them they decided that Joan would act as the surrogate for the brother during the healing and Joe would be the healer.

However, as soon as they started, the Higher Selves stepped in and explained that this was a case of “Entity Attachment”. The Higher Selves explained what that meant and told them about Jane. Jane, a female soul aspect, had fallen in love with the Lord of an English Estate in the early 1700’s while in the male body of a stable boy. For reasons that will be explained in the workshop, the Lord never returned the love. After they both died, Jane obsessively followed Hugh from lifetime to lifetime as he re-incarnated. She “attached” herself to him, using her power of thought to control him more times than not. The friend’s brother was in fact Lord Hugh reincarnated into this lifetime and Jane was still “attached” to him now 300 years later. The goal of the healing was to help Jane voluntarily “detach” so that the brother could get well.

With the Higher Selves help, Joan and Joe got to know Jane using new techniques such as Reflection, Freeze Frame and Instant Translations. In time, they enlisted Jane’s help with other disincarnate Entities (souls out of body) who also had Attachees. And it was this process of helping that motivated Jane to voluntarily “detach” from Hugh.

Janet Richmond and others were invited early on to join the work and to become part of this experience, which lasted over 2 years and prompted them to dub Jane and her fellow disincarnate helpers as “Jane & Company”. With the Higher Selves assistance Jane & Co not only helped others to “detach” but also helped many dead or dying souls go through a smooth transition into heaven. Jane’s story is just one example of the many entities the group met over the years and you will learn about all of them.

Come learn about Attachment – what it is and how it can be problematic. You will also find out how to call on Jane and Co to help a loved one prepare for death. Through excerpts of actual voice tapes you will hear Joan Culpepper speak as herself, act as a surrogate for someone’s healing, bring in the Higher Self information and reflect the Entity being worked with – jumping back and forth without pause. For greater understanding about the interaction between the living and the dead, this is the workshop for you.

As the material is too vast to fit effectively in any shorter time period, only a 2 day workshop is available.

2 Day Workshop - Not only will you learn more about Jane’s journey, the way attachment works as well as all the fascinating information learned in the process about Souls and Heaven, you will also be introduced to the main team of entities (complete with their stories) that we met and connected with over time. All of them are helping on the other side now with an expanded grass roots spiritual movement guided and supervised by the Higher Selves where not only are they helping themselves with their evolutionary process but are also helping any other souls in the disincarnate state that need assistance in any way. On the second day, you will have an opportunity to learn about the reflection process, how to do it and thus, will have an opportunity to tune into and meet Jane and the others! No special skills are required!


This workshop is given wherever there is a demand. The minimum number of attendees will depend on the location of the event. The cost is as follows:

  • 2 Day - $200 per attendee
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