Soul Psychology: The Journey of the Soul through the Human Kingdom Universe

We come into each and every life carrying all the experiences that have come before, making every soul complex and unique, proverbial snowflakes, as no soul has experienced the same situations and conditions as any other. Throughout our many lifetimes we experience traumatic events and often we take on deep wounds, misunderstandings, fears, doubts, confusions, self-identities, etc. that we lock into, creating false beliefs and problematic patterns. When we lay aside the body having not resolved these erroneous conclusions, what unfolds then is what the Higher Selves call a Soul Scramble, the complex, interwoven pattern of misconceptions and limited truths that holds us on a rat wheel of repetition of the same difficult and painful patterns. Our journey then becomes not only one to continue to learn and grow and become more and more consciously aware, but also one that requires us to “unscramble” the complex web of false beliefs that we have woven for ourselves. These Soul Scrambles (and no human soul is free of them) are the foundation of what an individual attempts to process while in body in each life. They have the most powerful effect upon a soul’s choices relating to its subsequent reincarnations.

Once you have experienced any one of these workshops you will see your patterns and those of humanity from a completely new and enlightening perspective. The whole universe and the meaning of life will finally make sense.
4 Hour Workshop - You will come away with the basic understanding of Soul Psychology and will understand more of the journey we all take through eons of time through the Human Kingdom Universe. You will learn much about the origin and development of a Soul Scramble from the recording of the first-hand account of Charlie, a disincarnate soul who tells his story with Joan Culpepper reflecting. Charlie was the first person to have gotten HIV on this planet. He explains what made up the Soul Scramble that led him to make the decision at the soul level to have this disease manifest in his life. By understanding Charlie’s Soul Scramble we can see more clearly how our past lives affect the life we are living today. Come learn the basics about the evolutionary journey we all take through 10’s and 100s of thousands of lives through the Human Kingdom Universe. You will be introduced to the over all process of this sojourn including both in-body and out-of-body processing.

1 Day Workshop - You will learn all of the above plus you will come away with an even deeper understanding on what a Soul Scramble is and where it comes from. More Soul Scramble examples will be given, uncovering the complexity in how locking down on belief systems through our many lives creates many of our life’s difficulties. Understanding this concept is a huge step towards understanding ourselves and others. In this workshop you will come to know how the incarnate and disincarnate states of each soul work, why we come in not remembering what came before and over all you will come to a much greater understanding of what heaven is and how it works. The concepts of Free Will, God’s Will and Divine Will also will be explained, as understanding the differences is intrinsic to understanding our journey.

2 Day Workshop - In addition to what you will experience the first day, the second day will bring the focus on each participant discovering one or more of their own soul scrambles. You will be led through an exercise that will help you uncover your belief systems and how they play into Soul Scrambles. The participants will pair off to help one another with part of the process, using specific exercises to work on with each other to get to deeper layers of personal understanding. During this each participant will have time with Janet as well to facilitate the uncovering of at least one Soul Scramble. There will be a conscious healing meditation as well at the end of the day to begin the dismantling of the scrambles for everyone.

Written material will be supplied with exercises you can do at home. Janet invites you to attend any one of these mind-opening workshops where you will come to understand why bad things happen to good people and so much more.


This workshop is given wherever there is a demand. The minimum number of attendees will depend on the location of the event. The cost is as follows:

  • 4 hour - $50 per attendee

  • 1 Day - $100 per attendee

  • 2 Day - $200 per attendee
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To ATTEND this workshop
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