Healing Others

Healing energy is more than the ability to heal the physiological body. Healing energy, in higher dimensional terms, is the ability to activate the energies needed by the healee in order to bring balance, harmony and health into any person or situation - whether that situation requires a healing of the body, the mind, the soul, the spirit or the pocket book. The healer directs the healing thereby aiding the soul of the healee to break through its difficulties. (Please understand that the soul of the healee is making all the choices as to whether it uses the healing energies or not. Even if it doesn’t use it or all of it right away, the healing is never wasted. The healing energy is kept in their soul bank until such time as the healee is ready to use it?.

In this workshop you will learn how to apply the Neutralizing techniques to help others. You will be introduced to the energy of the Rainbow Bridge, a Divine Energy, in order to effectively work on those who are not in your presence. The power of group healing will also be explored as a way to enhance the energy needed to assist those who are experiencing resistant serious life conditions.

4 Hour Workshop – You will learn the basics as to how to use the Neutralizing techniques on both a person in your presence and on someone at a distance. We will practice the healing techniques first on a volunteer from the group. Then you will learn about the Rainbow Bridge energy as a tool to use for distant healings and Janet will lead the group to do a distant healing on loved ones using the Healing Circle. You will leave the class with more than enough knowledge and practice to continue as a healer on your own.

1 Day Workshop – This workshop will expand upon the one above but will add in more Divine Energies and more techniques that can be used. You will also pair up with another participant to work together on someone each would like to help. During this practice time, Janet will pair up with each individual to work a healing on the participant’s loved one that needs help. You will leave the class knowing experientially how to do a distant healing by yourself. Also, the healee you have been concerned about will have received healing energy from several sources giving he or she a solid start toward health.

2 Day Workshop – You will get both of the above workshops and on the second day there will be more information and more techniques introduced. Janet will also again work on the same or another loved one for each participant, tuning more deeply into the healee’s patterns. Janet will also introduce healing techniques on a much larger scale where you work to heal a situation, condition, area of the country, a group, the planet, the world, family, work, and any social dysfunctional dynamics.

Written material will be given to all attendees which will summarize the techniques and exercises presented that help break down the blocks of fear, misunderstanding, habit, resistance, illness and anything else that is part of the condition that needs healing. We will give you all the basics you need to help your family and friends and/or groups of other souls around the planet to change their patterns and shift their paths to more positive ones.

PLEASE NOTE: It is a prerequisite that each participant must have used one of the following avenues to learn about the basic Neutralizing technique: have attended the workshop called "Understanding the Etheric Bodies, Neutralizing and Self-Healing Workshop"; have read Janet’s book "CHOICES-Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints"; have learned the techniques from the radio shows; have learned the techniques from the Meetup group ; have learned the techniques from from someone else. There will be a quick review of this information but not enough for a beginner to participate fully and most effectively in this workshop without prior knowledge.

This workshop is given wherever there is a demand. The minimum number of attendees will depend on the location of the event. The cost is as follows:

  • 4 hour - $50 per attendee

  • 1 Day - $100 per attendee

  • 2 Day - $200 per attendee
To SCHEDULE this workshop
If you would like to have Janet come and give this workshop for your group, club or organization please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Tell us the date, time and place you have in mind. We will respond quickly and will work with you to meet your needs. If you are the spearhead for organizing the event you will be able to attend for free.

To ATTEND this workshop
If you are someone who is interested in attending this workshop, please look at the Calendar of Events to see if there is a an upcoming event scheduled near you. If not, please fill out this simple form and we will contact you when there will be an event in your area. It will happen more quickly if we have a list of people who are interested in attending and can then create an event for those people! So please don't hesitate to take just a couple of minutes to let us know what you want.