Catalytic Art: The Easy Techniques to Infuse and Use Divine Healing Energies in Artwork

In this workshop Janet will explain what Catalytic Art is and simultaneously demonstrate with a piece of her own. She will give examples of how Catalytic Art has worked in people’s lives, illustrating the ways in which the energy shifts or expands according to the concept infused. After that everyone else will get a chance to do one or more pieces of their own. This workshop will provide the paper, the materials, the time and the techniques.

The Catalytic Art technique as described by the Higher Selves is one aimed at bypassing the rules and methods usually taught in art classes. The process is one that clears the pathway for the Higher Level energy to move through the artist and onto the paper.

Before one begins their picture, one does an energy infusion. Then the color is applied using a method that involves both closing the eyes and using both hands. The color works with the energy to catalyze the life pattern toward the desired change.

Any medium can be used for Catalytic Art, though in class you will be provided with pens, pastels and pencils. There will be a material fee for each participant and you will be able to take the materials home with you after the workshop. You will also receive a list of many concepts you can work with as a springboard for your own ideas.

This Workshop is not available in the 4 hour time slot due to the time it takes to actually do the artwork.

1 Day Workshop: During this day you will learn all the concepts and techniques behind doing the artwork itself. Janet will also demonstrate how the art is done. You will then be given time and materials to practice using the techniques yourself. You will leave the class completely able to do your own healing artwork to use on yourself or for others.

2 Day Workshop: You will get all that is offered for the one day. On the second day, you will also be instructed how the artwork can be used to create an effective tool with which to enhance your ability to pull in psychic and Higher Self information. You will have time and materials to start making your own deck of catalytic cards. In addition, there will be practice time for everyone to learn how to use the cards to get information and guidance for yourself or others. Janet will do at least one card for the deck of each participant, two if time allows. By the time you leave you will have a good start on your deck and will also have the practice of using the cards as focal points to help you get information.


This workshop is given wherever there is a demand. The minimum number of attendees will depend on the location of the event. While there is no limit to the maximum number of attendees, this workshop requires more space per person due to the nature of the work. The cost is as follows:

  • 1 Day - $100 per attendee
 (also requires an additional $15 material fee per attendee)
  • 2 Day - $200 per attendee (also requires an additional $15 material fee per attendee)
To SCHEDULE this workshop
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To ATTEND this workshop
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