Janet Richmond offers a variety of different workshops to choose from based on the Higher Self information. Each workshop is informative and powerfully effective in expanding your understanding and ability to move forward in life.



Understanding the Etheric Bodies and How Neutralizing Works as a Self-Healing Process
This workshop provides the foundation of how our Etheric Bodies work to create our outer reality. It will explain what makes up our “unconscious” and how to transform it so it is working for you and not against you. The Law of Magnetic Attraction will be clarified and expanded upon including the necessity of Neutralizing the negative energies we all carry around. Finally, the exercises needed to recreate your patterns will be provided with practice time allotted. You will walk away knowing the simple tools that can change your life. (Learn More)


Healing Others
Many people are caring and loving and want to help others. This workshop gives you ways to help a loved one physically, emotionally and/or psychologically. The techniques are simple in nature and powerful in effect. They can be done with the person present or from a distance. Anyone can be an effective and powerful healer. You don’t need to have any special gifts or talents. Just bring yourself and you have all that you need to be successful! (Learn More)


Soul Psychology: The Journey of the Soul through the Human Kingdom Universe
Just as psychologists study behavior from the standpoint of the experiences people have as they grow up and go through life, Soul Psychology focuses on behavior from the standpoint of the experiences people have as their soul goes through its evolution from lifetime to lifetime as a human. This workshop delves deeply into how our prior lifetimes of experiences have led to the creation of our belief systems, our unconscious conditioning and our self-identities that permeate and define each successive life as we journey through the Human Kingdom Universe (both in and out of body). It is a long journey and an incredibly important one making it more than relevant to our lives here today. Soul Psychology provides answers as to why our lives are what they are, why we have the difficulties/problems/painful situations and conditions that we do and how to bring in change, balance and expansion and to be who we truly are. (Learn More)


Jane and Company: Understanding the Interaction Between the Living and the Dead
This is the fascinating true story of a disincarnate woman named Jane who was “attached” to a man living here on Earth as he went from lifetime to lifetime. Learn how Joan Culpepper, Joe Williams and others got to know Jane and helped her grow and detach from her “attachee” by encouraging her to move out to help with other disincarnates. Eventually, guided by the Higher Selves, a heavenly group effort was launched that continues to help thousands of disincarnate souls. Find out what heaven looks like from the other side. (Learn More)


Catalytic Art
This is a hands-on opportunity to learn about and actually do the artwork. (for more information on Catalytic Art, please follow this link) No previous experience with art is required. Everyone is welcome. Just come with an open mind and a willingness to feel a little silly. You will be surprised at how exciting, fun and freeing this process is. It is a pathway both to open and empower your creative channels and to help yourself and others as well. (Learn More)