Altered Realities

Higher Self Quote:
"Remember that Altered Realities and the various thought forms that are part of them are aspects of you living in their own reality. These Thought Forms living in their own reality “desire” always to manifest themselves into physical reality. And you are the vehicle of expression that gives birth to these Altered Realities into your physical reality quite outside of your consciousness."

Let me explain… Each one of us carries with us invisible envelopes of energy in which all of our thoughts (enforced with habit imprint and emotion response energies) are stored and contained. These thoughts are not just from this life but from every lifetime we've ever lived. Although I may illustrate examples of our Thought Forms from time to time using one-liners – like “I feel sick” or “I’m so happy” – in truth, thoughts and emotions come in great complexity.  We create scenarios, spell out details and specifics of whatever we are describing either to ourselves or when telling others.  And all of these details move into our etheric envelopes of energy.  What is built there then are energy identities (made up of many thought forms) we call Altered Realities. These Altered Realities exist and actually “live” within our unconscious.  They are similar to the scenarios we have in our dreams – not alive but very real.  These Altered Realities are soul-less and mindless but nevertheless contain very real energy.  They “want” to grow in power, not because they have souls or minds or consciousness, but because they are magnetic in nature and all they do is attract.  The strongest ones are the ones that bring in our repetitive patterns over and over. Eventually they become so powerful that they manifest their patterns into our physical life.  

For example, there are many subtleties about illness that create different altered realities.  There are the thoughts we have about being sick when we have a simple cold or slight stomach ache.  There are thoughts about terminal illnesses, either long term or something suddenly right “on top” of us.  There, too, are thoughts about illness that will result in a disability or some serious restrictions on our lives.  All these types of thoughts of illness have created (from previous and current lives) different Altered Realities with scenarios that include beliefs, emotions, judgments, habit patterns and self-identities.  The more we play out one type of illness pattern or another over our many, many lives, the stronger the altered reality of that pattern becomes.  Thus, in this life, we may play out an illness pattern of recurring minor illnesses, meaning that we are consistently missing school and workdays over the years.  We may not have brought in any type of a terminal illness but that doesn’t mean we don’t also have an Altered Reality playing out the terminal illness pattern as well.  It may not be nearly as strong as the one of the main pattern we are manifesting, but there wouldn’t be any one of us that hasn’t died of a terminal illness at some point in our sojourn.  So we also carry that too as well as many others related to illness.  

This is important to understand because the most difficult patterns we are manifesting would most likely have many Altered Realities that are a part of it.  For example, if we are having financial problems, we could easily have an Altered Reality that doesn’t love itself and feels it doesn’t deserve the good in life.  There could also be one who believes that if it has material good, it can’t call itself spiritual as self-sacrifice is what defines someone’s spirituality.  There could also be one that has developed out of the times of hardship with the belief that lack is what life is all about.  Or one that felt wealth made it a target due to a life where he/she was killed off for its money and now out of fear it vows never to be a target again.  And I have only begun to list the myriad of Altered Realities that could be underneath our financial problems.  So even though we want to be successful and have material security, we may be holding it at arms length with these soulless and mindless energy identities that are fueling what we manifest in our outer reality.  What we experience in our outer reality reflects perfectly what we believe in the Altered Reality state.  To change the financial lack pattern we need to Neutralize these Altered Realities.

Please understand that these Altered Realities exist at etheric level.  They are in a genuine state of being – though soulless and mindless - that a soul has created for itself. They each have their own dwelling place (that we have created through thought), their own social grouping and their own philosophical beliefs.  If you are able to sense at the energetic level, you can actually talk with them to find out when they were created, what they think, feel and believe.  Again, they are soulless and mindless but they reflect back to us the thoughts and feelings that make them up, that we gave them!  Each individual has created his/her own individually unique Altered Realities.  No two people have built the exact same ones, though there can be similarities.

Let me be clear, however, we don’t have to know all the energies running around behind the scenes. We would probably know something of what we believe but we can call in all of the causes, known and unknown to neutralize at once.  These are not souls. They can be rendered harmless by the Divine Light, our purest, most perfect and most potent point of power.  If you want to know how to neutralize it is explained under the “Free Downloads” tab above. Or you can just follow this link.