Secondary Healing

Whenever I do a healing for a group (whether on my Radio Show, my Meetup group or another event) I always encourage the others who are present or listening in to release and neutralize right along with the person for whom the healing is being given. I know that I speak the words and encourage everyone to participate but I often wonder if they realize just how powerful a healing they can get by being an active participant along with the healee I'm working on. Perhaps there is a general feeling that listening to someone else's healing must mean that you are getting "residual" or "leftover" or "second-hand" energy that is meant for someone else. However, this is not the case. Why? Because the healing energy utilized is generated from within each participant once the participant puts his or her focus of attention in order to activate it. That focus of attention creates the Amalgamation. And the Amalgamation connects the Divine Energies we carry within to join with the Divine energies of our Higher Selves and the Originating Source. We are in the Free Will Kingdom and the Divine Energies that we carry cannot trespass our Free Will. We have to invite them in and give them permission to heal us. The Amalgamation then is the turn on switch whereby we give permission for the Divine to process within our Free Will beingness.

If each listener follows the healing and does the Amalgamation along with the individual I am working on, that listener is also activating and utilizing the same powerful energies in order to heal themselves. It doesn't get diminished simply because I am not addressing him or her directly. Again, the Amalgamation process is the key. And we can all do it whether someone is healing us directly or not. All the participants can direct the Divine Energies in order to work on their own issues that are similar to the one I am healing or even issues that don't come up for the individual I'm working on. I encourage all listeners to ask to release and Neutralize not only the underlying patterns/beliefs/pains/fears/etc. that I discover for the individual that I am working on but also to do the same with things that come up for them whether I mention them or not! This is being fully engaged in one's healing though the healing would be powerful whether an individual thought to do that or not.

In any case, listeners can hear my archived radio shows weeks, months or years after the live show and get just as powerful a healing as if they were listening live. With the use of the Amalgamation, each listener has the ability to get powerful healings as often as they want, whenever they want, whether I am healing them directly or not. Thank goodness too... that enables all of us to do it for ourselves rather than having to wait for one person (or a few) to have time to get to everyone. Neutralizing just plain works. So the next time you are listening to my Radio Show (whether live or archived) or attend a Meetup group, please understand that even though I'm not working on you, you get that powerful healing too. Join right in! Because buried deep inside all of us are so many similar feelings, beliefs and misunderstandings (different only by detail and degree) that a healing on someone else helps us to also release and Neutralize these same issues.