The Convoluted Nature of Our Beliefs

During the course of my life I've worked on several of my patterns that - no matter how much I release them - seem to come up over and over again. This is not because the Neutralizing doesn't work, but rather because these patterns are multi-layered and permeate many areas. When they do recur, they come in less and less often, they have lessened in intensity and my emotional reactions are greatly reduced. So they certainly improve. What happens is that as parts of a pattern shift to the point that it seems gone, sometimes new elements of the same pattern present themselves. Let me give you an example to illustrate. This example begins with me working on my abdomen and digestion issues, an extremely complex pattern that lead me to choose to be born with a congenital deformity in the biliary tree and one I've almost completely healed. What was unexpected was that while I was working on a residue of that pattern, I discovered that it was also carrying issues related to my reproductive system! I've Neutralized a lot around the physical issues separately but this time I discovered just how interrelated and connected these two patterns were.

When I went in to get information and to Neutralize, I saw a big empty symbolic dark space in my abdomen and in it was this strong sense of being empty, of not feeling loved, of not being connected with myself or others. I knew this was part of my pattern of holding people away and not allowing in love - both of which I had worked on before so I knew new layers were coming up. But this time, after identifying the pattern, I felt my focus being pulled down to my reproductive area and I saw that borne from this feeling of emptiness came a great desire, in many lifetimes, to have children - I wanted to have a child because I wasn't filling myself with my own self-love and self-connection. And my answer in many lives was to fill my life by having a child instead.

As the Higher Selves showed me this pattern, I found it was further complicated in many lifetimes because I couldn't have a child for some reason or it died in utero or it was sick or I didn't get support from my mate. So there was also a lot of sorrow involved with all that grief that was being carried symbolically in my reproductive area. Thus, in those lives, having a child was not the answer and did not fill the empty space and instead added to it. Even when I had a child that was healthy and wonderful, there was the shock of the amount of work that went into it. So I had had this ideal view in those lives but then (as often happens) it turned out to be different then what I expected. The irony here was that the thing I though would "fill me up" was the very thing that kept me isolated and empty because of the responsibilities and long hours of work I had to do as a mother (in addition to the work needed to keep the household going). Keep in mind, 99% of the lives I lived in did not have the conveniences for parents that we have today. Of course the love for the child is intense and beautiful - but it doesn't fill the void of not loving yourself.

In the example above you can see that issues with my stomach were in part the manifestation of my pattern of keeping people at bay, which in turn led to a false assumption on my part that having children would fix it and later created even more problems arising from issues with motherhood. What a convoluted mess, right? But this is how our patterns can play out over thousands of lifetimes and how they all begin to interact and mingle with one another. So that by the time we've arrived in this lifetime and are attempting to unravel these scrambles we can feel more than a little overwhelmed.

It can sometimes be hard for us to keep going with the Neutralizing work when the same patterns keep coming up despite how much time and effort we put into the energy work. We can get discouraged and wonder if we are doing the Neutralizing correctly or question if this Neutralizing stuff even works. Even when we have seen great success in some areas of our lives we will still wonder why it works in one area but not in another. The answer is that it does work no matter what we perceive in the moment. It is just that changes to multi-layered patterns occur over time and can sometimes be harder to see. What often happens first is a change in our emotional states... we find that suddenly we're just don't getting as upset or anxious or afraid as before; which in fact is huge though not always acknowledged as such because our goal was to solve the entire issue, not just one aspect of it.

With the benefit of hindsight I can look back over my life and know there have been positive changes along every step of the way for every issue I've ever tackled. Rest assured that even complex problems are resolvable. With our Pure Soul Essence we have all we need to succeed! It's just that when you have your sights set on the mountain-top it can be hard to be satisfied with - or even see! - the two steps forward you've just made.