Who knew? It's the soul that makes the big decisions!

If any of you have had a Private Session with me or if you've heard me do a healing on my radio show you'll know that I go into frequency to look for what is behind the pattern. And where I look and what comes up for me are issues/beliefs/emotional triggers that people carry at the soul level (whether that person is dead or alive). I do this because the mind level - the part of us that is here on Earth living this current life - knows little of the complexity of all that went into the decisions as to what we had hoped to accomplish during our current reincarnation. As a result, I can often get information about such diverse topics as why we chose this planet, why we chose our parents and our life conditions and why we chose a specific mode of death. The reasons that people make the choices they do (at the soul level) are so multi-layered that every time I do these types of healings they are different and fascinating.

The great value comes, however, not just from the understanding of what went on – though the A-HA moments can be hugely helpful – but from then Neutralizing the pains, misunderstandings, false beliefs, etc. that were driving the unwanted pattern in the current life (or even after death). Keep in mind, often the soul makes the choices it does in order to help us become aware (at the mind level) of what needs to be healed at the soul level (as the soul has no way of telling the mind directly) and to generate the motivation to seek and search for answers and healing.

For example, a friend recently asked me to get information for a friend. Her friend's son, Evan, had been killed in a car accident in his 20s and the whole family was struggling to understand. I went into frequency and spoke to Evan at the soul level. He explained to me the process he went through in deciding the situations and conditions of this recent life he had just had. In particular, he talked about two big Soul Scrambles that he came in specifically to deal with. Before I go on, let me briefly explain a Soul Scramble.

A Soul Scramble is a term used to indicate a dysfunctional, limiting and often painful pattern that we can find in our lives that hold us firmly stuck in a rat wheel of repetition of unwanted situations. It is born often from personal events and/or cultural conditions when a person makes (and locks into) one or more erroneous conclusions and misinterpretations during his or her life experiences and/or during the death experience. The scramble further develops during the long and problematic path of many lifetimes because a soul often continues to accumulate and entrench more misconceptions (as it adds the experiences of each new life) and thereby, becomes more and more imprisoned in its false beliefs. A scramble will affect a soul’s choices in most of its subsequent reincarnations, thus propelling a soul on a difficult journey.

To continue with Evan… We can have many Soul Scrambles operating at the same time and Evan was no exception. He wanted to deal with two of his scrambles very badly. Most especially because he wanted to be a part of this planet's exciting dynamics in the future as its movement forward in the evolutionary process has already begun and will only intensify over the next hundreds of years. He knew in order for him to be able to ride the wave of amazing energies on Earth and to help others process though all the changes and difficulties, he first had to heal himself of these two Soul Scrambles, otherwise he would be unable to best utilize the higher frequencies that Earth is currently experiencing and that will be increasing over time.

Of his two scrambles, he wanted to first tackle the one surrounding his inability to love himself properly. He'd had a lot of lives where he had parents and others in his lives that were either dismissive or abusive or not supportive, leaving him feeling as if he had very little worth and value. He had taken on deep feelings of worthlessness and self-blame that had held him stuck. The second Soul Scramble he wanted to resolve was his confusion surrounding the spiritual and the material. He indicated that he had been in so many different societies and cultures that he was just a bundle of confusion about spirituality, what it meant and what the proper balance was between that and the material. He felt completely lost because a lot of the belief systems he took on in different lives conflicted with one another and at the soul level, he was trying very hard to make sense of it.

Because he knew that it would be very difficult to deal with both Soul Scrambles at the same time, his Plan A was to die early. He felt he could experience what he needed on the issue of proper self-love from the parents he had chosen and that he would then return fairly quickly by reincarnating into another life to get what he needed on the issue of the spiritual versus the material. He also had a plan B, which was to not die young and where he could attempt to resolve both of the Soul Scrambles in this life. Thus, the choice of plan A or B was to be decided in the moment.  Right away you can see how complicated it can be to make decisions at the soul level regarding your next lifetime. These are made all the more difficult because at the soul level you know that when you go into that life you at the mind level will be deaf, dumb and blind to those carefully thought out and well crafted plans. Thus, you try very hard to set up the situations and conditions in the next life in hopes they will lead you to where you want to go.

For the current life, Evan had chosen his mother because of her Hispanic culture because of the cultural propensity to dote on and love their children. The intense unconditional love is exactly what he needed to begin to heal.  He had chosen his father because he was of the Jewish faith. The values of the father Evan believed which would bring to him another element that he was also in need of - the encouragement, direction and structure to develop himself. In many of his lives he did not get help and ended up feeling lost and rarely developed any of his abilities. So he chose both of his parents because he felt strongly that their focus on the family unit that he needed would help him heal his deep lack of self-love. And of course, both parents also agreed at the soul level as these kinds of decisions are co-created.

Because he died young, it was clear that Evan chose Plan A rather than Plan B. He explained that two things happened to make him stick with plan A. The first was that while the father did give him what he needed early in life (the love and devotion he so desperately needed) which lead Evan to make much of himself, the father also fell into the trap of pressuring his son, as he grew up, to perform or to be productive along the lines that he, the father thought important. This pressure increased as Evan grew older to the degree that the love he felt from his father started to seem conditional (rather than unconditional) based on his level of success. So what Evan realized (at the soul level) was that this could actually undo some of the healing that he'd gotten in the earlier part of this life regarding proper self-love, possibly further complicating that particular Soul Scramble - the very thing he came in to heal. He didn't want to tie his newly found sense of worth to fulfilling his father's expectations. Thus, from the practical standpoint the strides forward with proper self-love seemed in danger the longer he stayed in this life. Please understand that when Evan was explaining this to me there was never any judgment toward the father.  Evan understood that his father was caught up in his own Soul Scrambles and that there never was any intent on the father’s side to undo anything or to harm Evan in any way. It simply was that, like for all of us, the father was operating on his own unconscious conditioning.  

The second and even more important reason for Evan’s decision to opt for Plan A was that the mother and father each had different spiritual beliefs – one Christian and the other Jewish. Because of this, all parties knew going in (not consciously in this life but when they made the agreement) that it would be unlikely, with a family with such diverse belief systems, that Evan would be able to clear the second Soul Scramble (that of the confusion surrounding the proper balance of spiritual versus material). So even though the possibility existed for both Soul Scrambles to be healed in one lifetime, they didn't give plan B much hope though the option was always there. Keep in mind, that once we get down here into this Free Will kingdom, things can always change to increase the odds of any of our plans to happen. But because this didn't happen, Evan chose (at the soul level and while he was still in body) to go with plan A and die young.

Since I came into contact with him while he was in the disincarnate state, he was in the process of figuring out his next incarnation where he would then be able to tackle his second Soul Scramble; his confusion surrounding the spiritual versus the material. Yet, his plan in this reincarnation to heal the first scramble had been mostly successful due to the great love and support both parent’s had given him. However, Evan was still in need of some healing on the love and self worth issue because the healing wasn't perfect. He did greatly empower self-love and felt better about himself but he still carried the old lack of self-love thoughts, habits and emotional blueprints, which is what I concentrated on Neutralizing when I then did a healing for him.

At the mind level, his parents in this life were grieving, confused and angry because they lost their son and didn't understand why. They were completely unaware of the choices and decisions that they had made at the soul level (as is true most of the time for all of us.) And while this realization can be little comfort to us when we are in the middle of tragic or difficult situations, my hope is that understanding how we work at the soul level can help you a little the next time you are confused as to why things are happening the way they are. In the end, there are reasons for what we choose in life (and in death) even though those choices are made at the soul level. We are not victims, as Free Will is a soul level dynamic, with each individual being the directing identity of their own lives.