Often when I work on an issue in my life that I want to resolve, something completely unexpected comes up that leads to other areas that are equally eye-opening. This is what happened to me some months ago when I was working to Neutralize a personal issue regarding my body weight, particularly in my stomach area.

What I found was a past life of mine where I had been a male. In that life, I was much shorter than the average male so I decided that I needed to add bulk in order to be more intimidating and show more strength. So I did. And a lot of it was in the stomach area. I was younger at that time, in my twenties and I felt that I was more formidable as a person because I had this bulk. But as I got older the bulk started to be painful; it was hard to walk around with the extra weight and my legs hurt and I was less mobile. As a result, I started to feel deep regret in that life because I realized that intimidation as an end goal was not as important as I had thought.  

At this point, another lifetime came up, which felt like it was thousands of years ago and not on this planet. I was a Scheherazade-type belly dancer. In that particular society the ideal beauty was someone who was zaftig. Thus, I strove for this ideal, which meant that I could draw in the men and the support I needed. But as I got older and had to stop dancing because I couldn't compete with younger dancers, I became obese. I saw myself old and ruminating about being in pain and unable to move much because of my size, being very limited, having lost my beauty. And again deep regret came up. I saw scenes of me in that life when I was younger talking to successful ex-belly dancers who had had that zaftig look and who were pushing me to follow their path. I had taken in their words and believed them. But later in that life when I looked back I realized that I hadn't been discerning enough because if I had I would have noticed that these women I was taking advice from were obese and in pain. They didn’t tell me any of the downsides of following this calling but in hindsight I saw that their body language was easily readable had I paid attention. I realized then that their encouragement was their way of assuring themselves that they had done the right thing. However, the reality was that they weren't as happy as they pretended to be. In fact it made me sad for all of us and full of regret that followed me long after death.

There was a lot of regret from these both lives to work on and the Higher Selves indicated that these were but two of the many, many lives where regret came into play. These two came up because they were both related to the issue I was directly working on in the moment. In general, the Higher Selves explained that regret is a powerful emotion and to hold on to it often makes us very cautious about taking steps in the current life. It's part of a vibratory frequency that lies underneath, seemingly dormant. Then when you are ready to take steps forward of any type that regret gets triggered and plays out; you become worried - either unconsciously or consciously - that you're going to make the wrong decisions, take the wrong steps, go down the wrong path.

It's easy to see how insidious the pattern of regret can be, particularly because it is usually so subtle and hidden. It is tied to past actions or non-actions and these we can’t change. So it holds us stuck and frozen in many ways, even when we aren’t aware. It's difficult to spot when you realize that often there are very legitimate and perfectly logical reasons for us to take the cautious steps that we do. No one would question us if we were to decide not to start that new business because we deemed it to be too risky. Yet the truth is that on the surface it's hard to determine whether that decision is fear-based or just plain smart. So which of our thoughts are smart and mature and which ones come from the scared part of us that is unwilling to make any move for fear of pain and making mistakes? Regret formed in one lifetime has the ability to stall everything we do from that lifetime on. Therefore, as always, I encourage we all Neutralize regret from any direction and any cause, known and unknown, so that our decisions are made from more clarity. For me, the stomach issue was my soul’s way to get my attention and to address this issue. I did much Neutralizing around this and have noticed a definite shift not only with my abdomen but in general, I am less reluctant to do things for the first time... I find myself quite bold these days... who knew? I’m a happy camper!