My Name Is Janet

There is so much to share that it's hard to know where to start. My name is Janet and many years ago (26!) I went to see a psychic named Joan Culpepper. My life changed drastically as a result, opening many doors, shifting how I saw everything, and bringing powerful healing into my life.

From the beginning, all that Joan told me blew my mind. Her reading for me (as well as all others) was done from 2 perspectives; both a psychic mundane viewpoint and the mind-blowing soul scan from the Higher Selves. It carried such electric energy that I immediately moved into a search pattern. Finally, I found a source to get the answers that had always eluded me. What was life all about? Why was I here? Was there a higher purpose? How can I help myself? Also, the information made sense of so much that had been mysterious or confusing in life that I never looked back.

Fortunately, Joan offered classes and venues to join and learn from. There was a Conscious Meditation Group led by the Higher Selves. They taught all of us in the group simple tools and techniques to change our lives. We learned how thought creates our outer reality. And how easy it is to recreate that reality. It is powerful information that changed my life and can change yours too! And it works with anything else you are doing in the self-help field – dovetails right in. My book outlines the whole process of how to neutralize the negative thoughts, habits and emotional blueprints. And it will be out soon. Chapter Four of the book is free on this website.

Joan also had a Contact Class where we were taught to pull in both psychic information and Higher Self information. There was a healing class given with Higher Self healing techniques. There was an "Entity Group" where we worked with souls that not only had passed on but were also "attached" to someone living in body here. There was also a History of the Universe class that was a compilation of all Joan had learned from the Higher Selves over the years in the hundreds of individual soul scans she had done. She taught us how soul evolution works from the lowest mineral to the most evolved soul that returns to the Originating Source and SO MUCH MORE.

In 2006, Joan passed away. She left behind a huge body of work all preserved on hundreds of cassette tapes. Because of my long-term interest and continued connection with Joan, her daughter gave me permission to have the tapes and to use them how I wanted. Joan had always meant to write the books but had instead retired early. Now, I am determined to get the information out there for all to benefit from!

This blog will give you some ideas of how the process can affect our lives. So you will hear some of what I've been through already for all these years as well as what I am doing currently. I hope sharing my journey with you will help you on your own journey.

Please join me and you will find age-old mysteries unfold. You will find effective and exciting answers as to how to unblock your life and how to change it to what you want it to become!