Do you ever feel as if you are stuck in place waiting for something to happen? And isn’t it frustrating when the hours, days or weeks go by and it still hasn’t come? Well, maybe not for you but I have a big waiting pattern, especially with the men (or lack of men) in my life. It seems that in my relationships with guys I inevitably end up in the waiting position… waiting for them to call, to say I Love You or even to just acknowledge and appreciate me.

I recently found myself in the same place and decided to do something about it – not sure why I had never worked on it before but I just never thought of it! There are so many other patterns that I am working on! Anyway, I amalgamated and projected directly into the very center of the waiting pattern that I was holding in my etheric bodies. WHOA… I felt it swirling around me, engorged with many different patterns that were part of it. There was powerlessness, insecurity, not being seen and heard, victim patterns, loneliness and a slew of misunderstandings and misconceptions that are too many to name. It wasn’t uncomfortable because my amalgamation kept me protected but I was overwhelmed with the pattern’s immense size! YIKES… little had I known!

So I got to work… I sent the Light of my Pure Soul Essence pulsing out from the center of my being to the pattern as it swirled around. The Light was powerful as it neutralized the waiting and all of its parts. The Higher Selves came in and explained to me that there is no waiting. That waiting is only a viewpoint. In reality, I am exactly where I am at any point in time, as is everyone. In that moment, I could feel the Nowness of my reality and at some deep level, I understood what that meant for the first time. There was nothing but the beauty and stillness of having neutralized that pattern. It brought me an incredible Peace of Mind that I still feel today.

Has my viewpoint changed? Completely. I feel free of waiting. And I see now that by carrying that pattern it was chronically placing me in the position of having to wait. It magnetically pulled in situations, conditions and people that would empower its waiting pattern. But neutralizing it, I am instead able to focus on where I am in the moment, not living with half my mind thinking about what might happen tomorrow or next week. And almost best of all, the emotional parts of it is gone… frustration, hurt, and anxiety have disappeared. Those emotions were distracting to say the least. Am I thrilled to clear this pattern? 100% Yes! Can you do something similar? Of course! Is ‘waiting’ the only pattern this can work on? No, it works for everything. There are many avenues for you to find out more about how to get started. Signing up for the newsletter is a simple start. My heart goes out to everyone. Waiting sucks. I want everyone to stand free of it!