Divine Possibilities

I decided to ask the Higher Selves about a relationship that had been predicted for a long time by my psychic friend, Robert. Robert is more than a beginner in his readings but still needs practice. So we both benefit from these readings. This time, in a reading I had just a couple of months ago, Robert gave me again the prediction that

a man is to come into my life – the same man that he had began telling me about at least 3 years ago. And because the 'arrival' continued not to happen, Robert would explain in the next reading the why behind the delay yet he was steadfast in his assurance that he would come in at some point. This time he said there is great certainty around his coming into my pattern in March of this year.


In fact, I haven't minded waiting for him. I have been so very busy that the time goes by quickly. And I have often had a worry that perhaps a man coming into my life might take me off my destiny path. So I felt that as the months go by, I would get closer and closer to manifesting the destiny and would be so grounded in that path that no man could pull me from it. And I also felt that once I got out into the world more, that I would certainly have an opportunity to meet someone!

But this time, I asked the Higher Selves about it. And they recommended that I don't lock into this mate. He may or may not come in but I was not to lock into it. They said that the action of locking into him would limit the possibilities of my destiny pattern. I was confused by that so they had me move into the energy of Divine Possibilities – an energy I've never heard of or worked with before. So I called it in and moved into it. Immediately I saw myself with various paths going forward into the future. There was one path, large and powerful moving directly in front of me.... I could tell it was the path of my Highest Ideal and of my Divine Plan. There were other paths that branched off to the sides. These were definitely more limited in scope and possibility, though not necessarily, bad paths. But they didn't carry the possibility for infinite potential. The Higher Selves told me that in this moment my potential destiny is growing and is not limited. However, they said if I lock a specific life pattern, whether with this man or locking into any outcome in life, I am in effect putting limitations on my future. At that moment, from the gut level, I realized that my destiny path is more important to me than anything else... even having a relationship. Not locking into this or any other relationship does not mean I won't have one. It means only that by being centered in the now, the future is open to infinite possibilities.

The next day, I saw Robert and told him about the energy. We decided to both try to get more information on it. And a couple days after that, when I was walking I went into that energy of Divine Possibilities again for a brief moment. It was interesting... the pathway that had been in front of me before which represented the Divine Will pathway was much, much larger this time. It dominated the scene and though I didn't get any information on it, I felt as if my decision not to lock into a relationship long term with the man Robert told me about, was why the unlimited Destiny Path shifted to this more dominant place. It was exciting and I continue to use the energy over and over. You can do it too. Just Amalgamate and ask to stand in the center of Divine Possibilities. Enjoy!