The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men... and Energy Identities

In my many years of Neutralizing not just my own Energy Identities but also those belonging to clients, friends and family, I've noticed one very common thing about these mindless and soul-less altered realities: they're not all bad. We may think they are because they bring about unwanted conditions in our lives that cause us pain or stress. But in reality they've been created (by us as we move through each life) and can act as guardians or as reminders to pay attention. However, here's the kicker, often they perform tasks so brilliantly that even when we're ready to move past an unwanted behavior, these altered realities can have become so entrenched they don't give way, "determined" to stand their ground and now seemingly work against us.

For an example, I've been watching what I eat in an effort to alleviate a digestive issue I've been having. And I was improving. It was slow but it was going in the right direction. And then last week it all came back. It was like I had to start all over. And there was no indicator and no reason why. I was so disappointed and frustrated. I remembered how, many years ago before having much experience with how the Neutralizing and empowering works, I would become angry when some pattern would come back again after I'd worked so hard on it. So I'd go into the bathroom and scream at the Higher Selves either blaming them or blaming myself in some way. I'd even swear off doing the Neutralizing because clearly something wasn't working! Of course that didn't last long and I was right back at it. While this present incident was nowhere near as upsetting as my issues from 25 years ago, the comparison sprang to my mind and made me even more determined to really drill down to the bedrock of this issue. The return of the digestive issue was my opportunity to become aware that there was still more going on at the energetic level and that more Neutralizing was needed!

So I went into frequency to try and figure out what was going on and I immediately saw a dark area in my abdominal area. When I released it a very dark Energy Identity came out that did not want me to continue moving forward on my destiny path. It carried the fear blueprints from lives where I was harmed or exiled or killed off from doing my destiny pattern. So, in some sense, it was protecting me from more harm. For this reason it carried a great resistance to letting go of that fear.

Now, believe me, I've let go of hundreds of these fear Energy Identities in relation to working my destiny path (and to many other issues). There was fear of being tortured, being ostracized, being isolated, fear of commitment, fear of failure and many, many more. I would Neutralize them all as they came up! So I talked to this one and encouraged it to join with me instead of being separate from me. Just when it was about to agree something else came up that was a part of its belief system. It also carried the belief that to do my destiny meant work work and more work and no joy!


This Energy Identity believed that fulfillment came at the expense of joy; that I couldn't have both. So one of the reasons it held me back (and refused to relinquish it's position) was that it wanted me to be happy! Amazing. Of course I went ahead and Neutralized that pattern anyway, despite it's seemingly benevolent intent. Because the thing is, we must never forget that we are the ones in charge. We may have created these personal "body guards" in the past that carried the beliefs (our own beliefs from other lifetimes) that helped keep us safe, but now, in this life today, we can take back our lives and place ourselves firmly in the driver's seat. We are not in the same dangerous situations in this life as we were in so many past lives. Today we are not going to be burned at the stake or imprisoned for heresy if our viewpoint is outside of some societal norm or belief system. So allowing this Energy Identity free rein in my energy field only means more delays on my unfolding and more resistance (even if completely unconscious) to stepping forward. Also, I did not want to still carry the belief that my destiny pattern meant I would only work, work, work and not experience joy! Beliefs are powerful limiters because we manifest in our outer reality what we believe at the energetic level. Even though that belief was not so powerful that I never felt joy with what I do, I didn't want it to have any cap on enjoying all aspects of my life.

So even though our Energy Identities may have started out by having our best interest in mind (and maybe even saved our lives at times) they were never meant to continue to grow in strength until they were the ones in charge. When we decide it is time to let go, it's time to let go. So we thank them for their past service and send them on their way by Neutralizing them back to the state of pure, neutral energy and have that energy become part of our Divine Light.