Gwen's Biopsy

Gwen's (a good friend) biopsy results just came back. She has 3 spots of cancer in her breast – stage one. We don't know yet what the course of treatment will be for her but the news was devastating to my friend, Lynne (my partner, with whom I perform healings).


When we first heard that her mammogram showed 2 spots of cancer present, we immediately offered to do a healing on her. She had a biopsy scheduled for a couple of weeks later and we wanted the best results for her with it.

During the healing both Lynne and I saw the cancer disappear. Since I don't often get "in the moment" information, I was excited to get the visual of the tumor crystallizing and then getting absorbed by Gwen's own light. I thought for sure that the biopsy would show no cancer and that the healing had taken her out of the woods. Lynne also got similar information – that Gwen's cancer was cured.

Then the biopsy results came in. The cancer was still there and she had 3 spots, not 2. I was confused by what I had gotten and was not sure what was up with my misinterpretation of the symbol I had been shown. But Lynne, who has been a healer for many years more years than I and who is also an accomplished psychic, fell apart. She went into a state of despair and questioned herself and her abilities, not understanding at all why she was so wrong in her interpretation. It was upsetting for me to see her so shaken. So I asked the Higher Selves for some understanding.

The Higher Selves explained several things. First, there is no reason for negative self-judgment, they explained. We had gotten information and as it processed through us, it was skewed by our experiences and emotions and came out the other side having the flavor of accuracy but was misunderstood in its perfection. Always, bottom line, we are interpreters and only can do the best we can. Of course, this was an opportunity for us to work to neutralize the factors that lead us to misinterpret the information. And the next night, during our Friday Group, we did just that.

What we had been shown was the healing at the etheric level. And we saw properly that Gwen had accepted the healing energy. However, what Lynne and I had not kept in mind was the fact that the physical body is very dense and that the etheric healing most times takes time to be absorbed and utilized by the body. The cancer will be cured – this isn't about Gwen dying. But because the cancer has actually manifested itself in the body she will need the medical treatment to slow the course of the disease so that the etheric healing will have time to move into place. The Higher Selves have told us that by the time a disease has manifested it is running at a higher rate of speed than the etheric energies can deal with. The benefit of the medical industry is that their work can slow the course of a problem in the physical, thereby allowing the spiritual healing time to catch up and manifest. This was the case with Gwen. What we missed was the proper timing.

The Higher Selves also told me that there were more results than just what we had focused on for Gwen. When you work on neutralizing the negatives and empowering the positives what happens is that the shift brings in more of the positive in the life. These shifts are often difficult to recognize as being a result of a healing. And the Higher Selves were clear that there were results we hadn't realized. The healing helped Gwen to immediately find the oncologist she is so thrilled with and also helped with the discovery of the 3rd very tiny spot of cancer that, if undetected, could have been problematic. It helped with her fear factor, enabling her to deal with this news and the upcoming tough time more easily.

Yes, having cancer is a huge blow. But healings are never wasted and can make a huge difference. A blow can mean you are down for the count and never get up or it can mean that getting up is not as difficult as all that. And you also end up learning not only how to avoid a blow again but how to deal with the current blow more easily and effortlessly and with less emotional upheaval. We all have inner resources and strengths that we don't know we have.

There is one more factor that is important here. As healers we can only provide the energy. It is up to the other person to make the decision to use it and be healed. This may sound like an excuse but it truly is the basic tenet for the Human Kingdom Universe. We are all responsible for our lives. Self-responsibility is what we are all here to learn in the Free Will Human Kingdom. So even though it would feel nice to take credit for someone being healed we can only take credit for giving someone the energy and the support during their process. Understanding self-responsibility also can help us when something tough comes up in our lives. It helps us keep the focus where it needs to be – inside us not outside – in order to do the work that shifts our life to bringing the opportunities, answers and resolutions that we want.

We will continue to work on Gwen to help her facilitate the process as much as possible. Her life is not over. In some ways, it is a beginning, a new chapter that will lead to improvement in areas she can't see now.