Rationalizations Born From the Victim Pattern

Have you seen “Defiance”, the movie starring Daniel Craig as one of four brothers during World War II that save over 1200 Jews from being killed by the Germans? The movie didn’t do well at the box office but I’ve always been deeply interested in WWII so I wanted to see it. It is based on a true story and it was very moving.

When I got the chance, I went out for a walk before it got dark in order to do a healing on all the souls involved in the Nazi versus Jews part of the war. After Amalgamating with my Pure Soul Essence and the Higher Selves, I began the healing by asking that everyone in WWII that played out the victim role be put into the Healing Circle (the symbolic but very real focus of 5th Dimensional healing energy that works to create a state of perfect balance for anything/anyone placed within it). I worked on neutralizing all the hurt, pain, victim patterns, misunderstandings, misconceptions, hate, revenge, guilt, shame, false beliefs, limiting truths, despair, grief, judgments, lack of forgiveness, and much more that all the victims held at the unconscious level. At the same time, I sent them the Divine Energies of Higher Heart Consciousness, Divine Love, Divine Forgiveness, Hope, Faith, Courage, Joy, Understanding, Balance & Harmony and Inner Peace, just to name a few.

Then, while that work was going on, I called in all the souls that played out the victimizer role in that war. I asked the Higher Selves to also neutralize the anger, hate, shame, guilt, misconceptions, judgments, lack of forgiveness, false beliefs, etc. that lead them to play out this part of the dynamic. I also sent them the Divine Energies of Higher Heart Consciousness, Divine Love, Divine Forgiveness, Hope Faith, Inner Peace and Divine Wisdom to help them heal this victimizer pattern at the soul level.

After both those groups were finished, I called in all modern day terrorists. It was clear that some of these came from both camps of WWII. Some souls who were WWII victims had given birth to great hate in those lifetimes, returning with the unconscious desire for revenge or retribution. Some souls who had been the victimizers in that war still carried the same hate pattern and misconceptions that they had had before. So I worked on these modern day terrorists as well – the same neutralizations and the same Divine Energies were supplied.

When I was done, I realized my heart chakra was hurting me. This signifies to me that there is something underneath that I am carrying and that it is also ready to be released and neutralized. In that moment, I knew that I had been one of those in the Victim group of WWII. So when I did the healing for the victims, I had been receiving the energies as well. So in consciousness, now I began adding my Pure Soul Essence Light to neutralize any residual issues still to be addressed. And slowly, I felt the pattern release when it was drawn out of my heart chakra area and was absorbed into my Pure Soul Essence Light.

Of course I knew I had a victim pattern – and had worked on it many times over the years – but now I was thrilled to be getting down to the core of it. I had often wondered if my deep interest in WWII (from childhood) had meant that I had actually died in the war. And now, I felt strongly that I had. However, that wasn’t all… What happened next was wonderful…

At this point, I had a huge insight and suddenly saw that my victim pattern was part of a self-sabotage pattern that I experienced from time to time. That was a shock. I’d never thought of that before! I could see that there were times when I would say to myself, “I deserve to take it easy now… I worked so hard today/yesterday/whenever…” and then I would just do nothing!  What I hadn’t realized before was there was an implied “poor me” thought behind it all. Poor me (my unconscious was saying), I had to work soooo hard, I deserve to do nothing/to waste my time watching TV, etc.  Yes, maybe I had worked so hard, but that didn’t have to mean “poor me”. Yet that has been there more times than not and I hadn’t even realized it. So I continued to work on neutralizing the habit imprint and the thought form of “poor me” in order to neutralize the core of my victim pattern. I now look forward to fewer rationalizations and more productivity!