A Healing For Steve

Lynne, a great friend of mine, and I did a healing on Steve. I met Steve at a store where he worked. He helped me for hours that day with a complicated project of mine. He was incredibly patient and caring and I felt fortunate to have had such a knowledgeable and good person to get me through the project.

Ten days later when the thing I ordered was ready, another man, George, was there when I went in to do the pick up. When I got there we talked a bit and I mentioned how nice and helpful Steve was. And he let it slip that Steve was actually homeless. Without a moment’s hesitation I told George to let Steve know that if he needed a place to stay, temporarily, he could stay with me.

Steve did in fact come and stay for 2 -3 days a week for the first couple of months, as he had somewhere else to stay the other days. Right away though, I noticed the smell of alcohol on him. And when the time was right I asked Steve about it. He was completely honest with me and told me he had a problem with alcohol. We agreed that he would not stay with me while drinking as I wasn’t comfortable with that. This restriction for him turned out to work perfectly, as he had already decided to go off drinking that day. He told me he has periods where he dries out and he had just started one.

Of course we hardly knew each other and there was an awkwardness about it all. But over the weeks he came 2 or 3 days at a time and we got to know each other a little. Slowly we felt more comfortable with each other. Then over the Christmas holidays I didn’t see him for 3 weeks – he was with a cousin much of the time. Yet we would talk from time to time and he told me he was drinking again. We both knew he wouldn’t be back until he was ready to do the dry out again.

Then it was that time. I picked him up on a Saturday after work and he was in really bad shape. He was shaking like a leaf and felt terrible. I hadn’t seen him this bad ever before. He hadn’t eaten all day and had been losing weight. He was a shadow of the Steve from just 3 to 4 weeks earlier. He went right to the room when we got here and wouldn’t even eat anything, as he felt so sick. The next day, though he hardly slept all night, off he went back to work still reeking of alcohol. I wondered how he was going to handle work while his whole body was going through the DTs. However, he was beyond lucky because not one customer came into the store that day or the next 2 days.

When Steve finally was feeling better and had started to eat again I finally had a chance to tell him a little of what I do in the metaphysical arena. This led to my offering to do a healing on him with Lynne. Even though he hardly knew me and had no idea what he was getting into he still said yes. The next day Lynne came over, we set up the table and just began the hands-on healing we do, using the techniques the Higher Selves have taught us. Lynne is an extraordinary psychic and healer. We work well together in that we both have different strengths; and hers are impressive. Right from the beginning she named pattern after pattern she saw, beginning with the violent shaking that was coming from the physical body. He was no longer actually shaking as his detox had progressed enough, but she felt it still happening in the energy fields. So we started there, neutralizing that pattern, and then moved on to deeper and deeper layers. I had hardly told Lynne anything about Steve but she knew him intimately by tuning in. Lynne always amazes me!

Also, Lynne felt that Steve had been waiting for the healing. He was so ready for it and for the next hour he took the information and energy in fully. He still didn’t really understand it consciously but we could tell he was accepting and using it big time. I felt strongly that he has a big destiny pattern sometime in the future and that our meeting was definitely co-created and meant to help both of us. I mean, how often do you barely meet someone and then offer your home to a virtual stranger? Yet it was clear to me that there would be no problem doing that. And the fact that he was completely honest about his drinking problem from the first moment was also amazing to me. He could have tried to hide it out of shame or denial. So we started out trusting each other at such a deep level that trust lead both of us to this healing.

Steve is now living elsewhere and has continued to have problems with work issues and other things. But there have been definite shifts in his life. He has now connected with friends and is not so alone or isolated. We are rarely in touch now but the bond between us is as strong as ever. Steve will always have a place in my heart as I learned that the little things can have profound effects.