Divine WD40

I use symbols in my healing work regularly. They help me/us focus by creating a picture or giving life to a process. Symbols are just that, but when used while Amalgamated and while doing healing work, they represent very real and very powerful energies. I mention this because the other day when working with a client during a private session, the Higher Selves gave me a great symbol to use that represents very real and powerful energy.


This client wanted to neutralize some very deep and painful patterns that she found difficult to do even after working for some time. There was some resistance (not on the conscious level but somewhere at the soul level) to letting it go. This is true for all of us from time to time and can be frustrating. I sent Light to Neutralize as many of her misconceptions and false beliefs and fears as I could think of but nothing was helping all that much. It was as if there was a rock hard pattern set in cement that wasn’t giving up the ghost.

Then, a break through happened when the Higher Selves offered me the WD40 symbol to use. And WOW… did it help. I called in Divine WD40 to lubricate the points of friction and the anchors that were holding the pattern in place… This energy was a combination of Divine energies that was made specifically for my client and for her particular pattern. There was Divine Forgiveness, Divine Resolution, Divine Love, Divine Understanding, Divine Order, Divine Courage and more. It moved in through and around this rock of Energy Identities in her Etheric Bodies that we hadn’t been able to move beforehand. And immediately the ‘cement’ that held it in place cracked away and the hardened lump started to move…. Slowly moving up and forward and began dissolving in the Light. It was as if a huge weight came off her shoulders and it was a joyful thing!

Divine WD40 has now become a symbol I use often for work on myself and others. When there are issues that trigger fears or doubts or any kind of block, in goes the Divine WD40 to facilitate the release and neutralization. The great part is that the Divine Energy 'mix' for each person and for each situation is changed to fit their issue in the Highest Ideal. Once Amalgamated, the Higher Selves works with the Pure Soul Essence to bring in the perfected mix. WD40 at the Divine level is as great as it is in the practical material level!