How the Evolutionary Awakening Can Affect Us

The Evolutionary Thrust energy – Originating Source’s preparation for taking a giant leap forward in evolution – is increasing the frequency level of all life in the Universe at a geometric rate. It moves in, through and around us and stimulates the release of the garbage that we are carrying at the etheric and physical levels. It also activates an awakening of all souls to their higher nature. On the surface it can look negative as we bring into this reality the negative patterns that have been hidden deep within and that are now being played out as trauma or drama. However, it is extremely positive as it works both to reduce our blinders that hold us ‘prisoner’ and to empower the gifts and talents we all carry.

A friend of mine experienced one example of this awakening. She was finishing the training in her field and had begun the job search. She was a great candidate and found 2 job offers, both of which were fabulous. And deciding between the two was creating great deal of anxiety. She came to me for advice and explained in detail the difference between the offers and the pros and cons of each. There was one difference that seemed to me to be the significant issue.  In job offer A, she was going to be treated almost as a partner, free to develop her own business department, make her own hours and would be part of the company decision making. The other, job B, was going to have high supervision, specific rules and hours that would be strictly enforced and overall much less freedom. I saw immediately that job B would be stressful for her. My viewpoint was simply that she was already so stressed from the long-term training she had undergone due to the same strictness and hyper-vigilant oversight.  It didn’t mean the training wasn’t excellent nor did it mean that job B wouldn’t be excellent too as it had a great upside. But somehow, my gut told me that this restrictive aspect of job B would not be good for her to experience yet again.

Because there were so many good aspects of job B, however, I decided to go in and ask the Higher Selves about the choice to see if I could get any further insights to this dilemma. And sure enough, the Higher Selves gave me the deeper insight into the stress… They explained that the stress my friend was feeling was not just because she would have to get to work earlier and would have to work longer hours or would have to work under someone else’s thumb. They explained that the Evolutionary Thrust energy had activated to a great degree, her gifts and talents of healing and psychic abilities. In fact, it was these gifts that were “screaming” to be let out and to be incorporated in her work life. They explained that while following someone else’s rules, her own innate nature was being stifled and that she needed the space of Job A to become her own person. They said that as a result, Job B would be even more intensely frustrating than she could imagine and that Job A would allow her to develop her own skills and that she would actually pioneer new ways of being in her industry.

I’m not saying that everyone’s stress or resistance around something has a deeper meaning. However, please know that the awakening is happening with all of us on many different levels and that self-awareness becomes ever more important. As always, it is important to co-operate with the energies that are helping us by continuing to neutralize, neutralize and neutralize in order to facilitate our own movement forward and to reduce the traumas and dramas that would be part of this release process of our own internal garbage. Neutralizing with bring all of us to a place of more objective viewpoints, less of the constant reacting to patterns that are leading us around by the nose and more active choice as to what direction we would like our lives to go.