Standing in the Center Between Belief and Disbelief

This moment actually happened almost 2 years ago. I thought of it this morning and decided to share it with you. It was a break-through day for me. Here is what I wrote at the time…

I woke up yesterday feeling great but it was really early… 4:00 am. I slept 6 hours and that is a good amount for me. But 4:00 am is early. At first I had tons of energy as always and then as the day went by I started feeling the effects of the early rising. By the end of the day I was exhausted but decided to go out walking anyway to clear my head and do some self-healing work. The weather was beautiful, warm with a breeze blowing - the perfect walking weather for me.

I decided to focus during this walk on standing in the center between belief and disbelief. This is a fabulous technique that the Higher Selves taught us many years ago. After amalgamating with the Higher Selves, your Pure Soul Essence and the Originating Source, you just think/imagine that you are standing between belief and disbelief. It can be a specific belief system or just beliefs in general. (For example, you can stand in the center of the belief you are poor and the disbelief that you are rich.) Yesterday, I stood in the center of all belief and disbelief. Did I have to know what exactly they all were? No, with the amalgamation, the work is always done in the Highest Ideal.

The center of belief and disbelief is a place of complete neutrality. It carries the perfection of balance and as a result is the place with the greatest power to create. So when I use this technique, I first visualize the neutrality center like the eye of a hurricane and around me, are all the beliefs and disbeliefs I have from this life and all prior lives. They are dark and menacing looking but I feel safe and secure standing in my Light and in the center of neutrality. Then I focus on expanding the Light of my Pure Soul Essence out to that dark swirling mass of beliefs seeing them completely engulfed in the Light. I direct my Light to neutralize the limiting Truths, the misunderstandings, misconceptions, fears, doubts, etc., that have created the beliefs /disbeliefs that hold me prisoner. These are the limitations and the boxes we live in that are the source of our many problems and dissatisfactions in life.

Anyway, as I was walking and focusing on using that neutrality energy, I started to feel a shift in the energy. I could actually feel the neutrality in a way I hadn’t ever felt before. It was amazing. And then I noticed was that my tiredness was gone. I couldn’t believe it. It was as if I had just woken up, my energy level was very high and all I could feel was tremendous joy. It was so exhilarating that I didn’t want my walk to end but even when it did the effect stayed with me for hours afterward.

I continue to use this technique regularly as it carries a powerful effect. It helps me move forward in all arenas of my life. If you want to know more about it, I explain it in more depth in a chapter in my book, CHOICES. Or you can just do the exercise as I’ve outlined it here… and it will help tremendously!