Experiencing a fat moment in time

Information has begun to come through from the Higher Selves on the topic of Time. It isn’t clear enough to explain it all as yet. However, I have had a personal experience with the concept I’d love to share!

I went walking last week and asked about Time. At that moment, I felt myself move into a very unusual space. It felt like something I’d never experienced and I asked the Higher Selves what it was. They explained to me that I was standing in the center of a “Moment in Time”. Okay, that was weird. They asked me to look around and to say what I was feeling. And I felt it to be large, expansive and to have texture. When they asked me to describe it, the word that came out of my mouth was FAT. It gave me a sense that time was much bigger than I had imagined… They then asked me to neutralize what ever beliefs I had about time that was different from what I was experiencing with this Moment. So I did. I neutralized all my beliefs that time was thin, constrictive, barely enough, a box and something I had to fight for rather than just being there for me as I needed it.

As I was working to neutralize these beliefs and viewpoints about Time, I felt something in my back area… like there were some blocks or some energy that I needed to put my focus of attention on. As I did so, the first thing that came up was an energy identity or altered reality that said that it was the Keeper of Time for me. I asked what that meant and it explained that it was there to help me use time wisely and it was so upset because it felt it had failed me miserably. It carried guilt and confusion. It didn’t understand time at all and just really didn’t know what it was doing despite trying hard to do its job. It was full of worry and anxiety, wanting to do better but not understanding enough about Time to do well! Knowing that this was something from my unconscious, an altered reality made up of my thoughts over many lifetimes, I talked a bit with it and then called it into my light to neutralize it.

Still feeling something going on in the back area, I went in to explore some more… And I found another energy identity that was in a constant race with time… It was running around like a mad person trying to keep up with time that it believed was always ahead of it. It was the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland always feeling it was late, late, late! It was crazy! So after communicating with it and understanding its frustration and its exhaustion due to all the running, I went ahead and neutralized that one too.

Last but not least was a third altered reality, one that carried an enormous sense of guilt about wasting time. This one contained all my thoughts and all my guilt for lifetimes of believing this, which included deep regret for not being more productive and for not accomplishing more. It also carried great shame and self-loathing about this. It was clearly something that motivated me (without my being aware of it however) to constantly and chronically work in this life. I have rarely felt I deserved to have balance in my life and as a result, I didn’t. Not fully aware of all these thoughts and the belief system they created, I hadn’t neutralized them before. I have now though and it is like a weight off my back. All of them had kept blinders on me so that I saw time as my enemy and not my friend. PHEW!

Even though you may not understand yet the concept of an altered reality, maybe you can see that we carry false beliefs, misunderstandings and misconceptions about Time as well everything else in life. It doesn’t matter where or when we picked them up, but we each are a complex interwoven set of experiences that we carry forward lifetime to lifetime. And now we have the tools to dissolve and neutralize these beliefs and we can watch as we open up our lives and experience more joy. After neutralizing my false beliefs about Time, for the first time that I can remember out of the blue the next day I decided that I would stay in bed all day Sunday morning and just sleep or read to my heart’s content. Have I ever given myself permission to do something like this before? Never. Will there now be more balance in my life? Yesssssssss… Did I actually stay in bed Sunday to enjoy the morning… no, I didn’t. But I did first have the idea – a true first for me – and then when I did get up, I did wonderfully fun things most of Sunday… no work that day at all. What a fabulous shift!