Unexpected Rage from Past Lives

I’ve been doing some very deep healings almost every day lately. The weather has been great and I’m drawn outside to walk and work on Neutralizing at the same time. I love this part of my day – instead of taking an hour lunch break I eat on the fly and take the hour or so to spend time helping myself. It is a joy.

A few days ago, I was working on neutralizing any patterns (known and unknown) that were blocking in any way the unfolding of my Destiny Pattern and the Balance of the Spiritual and the Material in my life. My orientation always is to open up my life, to bring in opportunities and possibilities and to prevent bringing in traumas and dramas that only distract, disrupt and pull focus off the most important things in life.

While working to penetrate down into the layers of prior lifetimes that are hurting me at the unconscious level, I became aware of something bothering me at the middle of my back. I know enough now that sometimes the issues come up in places around me on the physical level… So I tuned into the back area and discovered an energy identity that held my Rage. I am confident that I’m not what people would call an angry person, but I do get angry from time to time and have worked to neutralize anger in general. I haven’t worked so much on Rage as it seemed in my mind so much more of an intense emotion than anger is that I couldn’t identify with it much. And now Rage appeared to me clearly. I talked with it and it said it was born so many lifetimes ago and that it had been feeling in this life that it had little place in my life. It was feeling over looked in some ways. So I encouraged it to be neutralized and to have its energy join my Light so that we could work together. It ‘felt’ that was a good idea.

At this point I just happened to ask it what its rage was about – something I usually don’t bother asking as I’m in a hurry just to neutralize. I’m glad I did this time as its answer took me by surprise on one level and answered important questions on another level. It said that it was Rage against God. It said that I had so many lifetimes where I was deeply spiritual and worshipped God. I would live my life as a good person doing all that was asked for in the religion of each life –whatever it was - and yet I saw all around me suffering and pain and devastation in one form or another. I would rage at God for doing to me or to humanity all of these terrible things. Over lifetimes my rage grew with the chronic dissatisfaction and distrust that God could or would do anything to help.

This explained so much to me – like a light bulb going off… it explained why even though involved in the church when young, that at age 18 in this life, I became an atheist after a very brief vision of sorts. It showed me that my period of atheism (that then became more of an agnosticism) had given me the mental space to shift my viewpoint to a place where it could be more open to a different concept of the Divine Energies. It had allowed me to be open to the Higher Self philosophy and information that carries the viewpoint that ‘God’ is within each of us (the Pure Soul Essence) and that we are the ones that fully control our life. I came to understand that it is not an external ‘God’ that is in control and it is not this ‘God’ that creates all the many victims we see around us… In fact, the Originating Source cannot trespass the human free will and has to wait for each soul to become aware of its own Divinity and to ask for help. Before we become aware we make ourselves victims only because we don’t understand. The Higher Self information puts all of us back in charge. And it answers why the Rage altered reality that I carried for all these years, the rage at the external ‘God’, found itself unseen, unheard and irrelevant to me now. I no longer see the Divine as external but as part of me, and that I am a part of its whole. So I no longer carry Rage at an external ‘God’. I neutralized it and joined that neutral energy to my Pure Soul Essence Light.

My new concept of the Divine is not part of any religious belief. It simply acknowledges that there is an energy so powerful (just as gravity is) that is the true essence of me (and every soul), and that enables me to have access to all I need in order to help myself and others - a joyful and exciting reality that has changed my life completely as it can for everyone. We don’t have to rely on fate or happenstance or some external situation, condition or person to make or break our lives. We can do it for ourselves. Plain and Simple!