Your Subconscious Will Find a Way...

I recently had dinner with an acquaintance I hadn't seen in a long while. During our conversation he mentioned that he was having problems in his personal life. I offered to go in and see if I could pick anything up in order to help him. This is always a tricky road for me because although most everyone I know in my personal life is aware of the work I do, I occasionally run into friends or relatives from my past who don't know that side of my life. So, since I'm not always sure how they will react to being offered a reading or a healing I always try to couch it in a way that will not put them on the spot.

This case was no different. He agreed and was in no way impolite but it was clear from his response that he was just trying to not hurt my feelings. He ended up half-heartedly giving me his email address so that I could send him whatever I got. And although I did do some work on him I never actually emailed him the information I was able to pick up because I assumed that he wasn't that interested. Boy was I wrong!

About a week after I did the work on him I had a dream in which I was in my bathroom and my friend knocked on my door wanting to come in.   (I rarely remember my dreams so when I do, I really stand up and take notice because my subconscious must is definitely trying to get my attention.)  In the dream I call out that I'll be right out. But instead of waiting he rudely pushes the door open, completely ignoring what I've said. I start to protest but stop short when I realize that he's pointing to the top of his head which is bleeding from a large wound! He then looks at me and says "I'm wounded!" I knew immediately that although he would never ask consciously for help, this was his way, at the subconscious level, of saying, "I'm wounded, I need you to work on me again."

Despite the fact that I had already worked on him, I felt strongly to go do a second healing on him which I did the next morning, again at a distance.  There was a lot there to be released and it was a great session.  It had hardly been an hour later when I got a text from my friend asking me if I had forgotten to send him the email about the healing! I had misinterpreted his original response... he very much wanted to hear about it and we then planned and had a long call where I told him about both sessions. He was new to some of the ideas but was open to it and resonated with all of it. Fortunately, he isn't barging into my dreams anymore.... :))

To me this is just more evidence that there's so much more to us than the conscious, surface existence that we all see in the mirror. It's the basis of my first book as well as my second one. Our souls are made up of many deep layers that exist as part of who we are, whether we're aware of it or not. We go through our lives making conscious decisions and forging a path with our goals in mind, and we scratch our heads in confusion when things don't go the way we intended. The reason is that our subconscious will not be ignored and must be actively addressed if we are to see changes happen in our lives.