The very first "Individual Readings and Healings" Meetup

The Meetup on January 14th was exciting! Six people attended and arrived with an issue they wanted me to do a mini healing on. I took each one in turn and was able to get good information for each person. Plus, the way I set it up was that all six would be releasing and Neutralizing the various patterns no matter who was being worked on. As I've explained often - in Meetup groups, workshops and on my web-radio show - because we all have lived so many lives, we have accumulated over the eons of times so much of the same issues/fears/doubts/etc. They manifest uniquely for each of us but by releasing and Neutralizing the underlying emotions and beliefs that someone else has it heals you too. And I don't mean in some vague or lesser way but in a very powerful and direct manner. And the healing for each was still in process with everyone when they left!

We worked on issues from physical ailments and business success to self-doubt and building a stronger connection to the Higher Selves. And it was exciting to see everyone moving with the energy. I saw real clearing for each one of the six attendees, which was important because the point is always to have people make progress from the work. There was also a sense of camaraderie at the end among all of us… somehow this process connected us all.

This Meetup was so successful that I'm going to stick with this format for now. I want to continue pulling in personal information that has the potential to give everyone attending real movement in the stuck areas of their lives. Of course, whenever the Higher Selves impress me with specific information to give out I will structure the Meetups around that topic. Otherwise, I want to continue pulling in information for each one of the people who attend (or as many as I can get to) in order to help them finally Neutralize their unwanted patterns.

I can't wait till next month's Meetup!