New Year and the re-launch of my blog

A new year has started and the energy this year feels like the year for freeing ourselves from stuck places and manifesting more of what we have been working for! There is a lot of new brewing with The Higher Self Voice and this is a perfect opportunity to let you know what will be unfolding.

As most of you know, I spent the majority of last year working on my second book and it has been a labor of love. The text is rich with new information and full to the brim with previously unknown views of the universe we inhabit. I had to take a step back from my radio show, the private sessions I do for clients and my workshops in order to devote my full attention to it. But it's finally done and is now in the editing stages. Its title is “Soul Psychology: Our Journey Through the Human Kingdom Universe".  It lays out the way in which humans evolve through their many lifetimes while in body and out of body, how we become aware and how to heal. This book has fascinating and expanded Higher Self information and I’m excited for you all to read it. I will let you know how and when it is going to be published as soon as I know.

I'm now ready for a different flow and I started this week by changing the format of my Meetups. I'm now doing a personal reading/ healing for as many of the attendees as I can in the time allowed. And it went incredibly well for the first time I tried this format. Although my more lengthy Private Sessions go into greater depth, doing one person after another (about 10 minutes each) was an unknown. Of course it will never be as in-depth as a full one hour reading but it surpassed even my own hopes.

The next change is that - as you can tell from this post - I will be restarting my blogs! I have not done them for quite a while as I delved into other areas. But I look forward to a regular updating for all of you about what is going on at the energetic level. When I get new and relevant material from the Higher Selves I will be writing about it for you.

Lastly, I will be re-launching my web-radio show soon on Blog Talk Radio! I'm particularly excited about starting these again and can't wait to get back on the air. It will be a one-hour show (instead of two) but I haven't decided which day of the week or what time as yet. In any case, all shows will be archived and can be accessed at your convenience. However, this new show will be different than my prior shows, as they will not be based on providing listeners with information on a specific topic.  I already have done that format during 2011 and 2012 and have all of those available for free on my website. Instead I will encourage listeners to call in for a mini reading and healing. I could most likely do up to 3 in an hour. I want to give those who live outside the L.A. area a chance to have these free personal healings. Not only will it help each individual but every listener will get the healing as well. Plus, you will find the Higher Self information eye-opening and fascinating.
So, my friends, as I come out of the year-long period of concentrated work on the book, I look forward to more interaction with you all. I continue to work on myself in order to dissolve the issues in my life that I no longer want and as I see the changes around me there's a sense of freedom. It's like opening another chapter. And I hope we can all go down this road together.

I'll post again soon!