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On Neutralizing and other Higher Self information

"I've been doing the guided meditations you did on your show about a month ago, for guilt - removing old self-punishment patterns (poverty, being a victim, etc.). I've gotten a new job (that starts the end of next week), breaking the poverty pattern... I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! Everybody should do it! It REALLY works!!!!"

"It is a pleasure to hear from you. I live in CO. I've been sick for many years and for 2 years quit working and lost most of what I had physically, my relationships and financially… Right now the fatigue is overwhelming, but I am noticing big changes in many areas and know it will just take time.  My main issue is loving myself unconditionally. Before I knew about you I was doing work on healing my inner child. Now when I am neutralizing I add in her issues and when doing the empowerment I ask for divine love for my inner child. I can feel it working. Thanks again for this valuable incredible information.  I so appreciate what you are doing! I will keep listening… :)"
Denyse, Colorado

"You've gifted the world with something incredible. THANKS!!"

"For years I experienced continuing rounds of anger, blame, shame spirals and hurt.  My shame spirals would last days, weeks and even months and caused me to fall into profound self-doubt, self-hatred, self-sabotage patterns and into being the victim that kept me prisoner. My most powerful tools for healing and change have been the Higher Self information and techniques. By utilizing these techniques daily/weekly, I have experienced a steady healing in those behaviors as well as in other patterns

Thankfully, I was able to heal my relationship with my parents, most especially with my father. I was so traumatized by my childhood that as a teenager and beyond I vocally hated my dad. The changes I made within me were so successful that by the time he passed away I loved him totally and found that I had no unfinished business with him. I could let him go in peace.

I continue to heal, neutralize and change other patterns in my life that have not expressed who I feel I can be or wanted to be. I utilize my life experiences through a broader, richer and higher understanding that allows me to empathize, understand and help others. I am seeking balance in all areas of my life.
Lynne, Winnetka CA

Finally I know how to get rid of my negative thoughts! I used to feel like the dunce at the back of the class because no affirmation, positive thought or silver lining was ever able to penetrate the abyss of my depression. No one ever told me I had to neutralize my negative thoughts AND THEN work on manifesting the positive. Where I once saw only despair I now see a future full of fun and laughter.
Kathy, Reseda CA.

"The Higher Self information gave me deeper insights and understandings into myself. The exercises they gave challenged me to take responsibility for my actions and thoughts and make positive changes. One profound message opened a path for me to follow: go within where all the answers can be found."
Marsha, Del Mar CA

"Understanding from the Higher Selves that every soul is on a continuum of time with many thousands of lives has made me so much less judgmental of people.  All of us at many levels co-exist with each other.  Evolutionarily, where I am today someone else will be tomorrow. And tomorrow, I will move forward to become even more than I am today."
Gwen, Los Angeles CA

Angry, reactive and cynical = how I used to be. Optimistic, hopeful and conscious = what I've discovered I can be. Working with the Higher Self information = helping me become the real med."
Craig, Glendale CA


On Janet's book

"Something interesting is happening I want to share. I said I read your book and I did. But I remember now that I kinda rushed through the end, because as I read it, I realized I wasn't ready to absorb it all. I needed to get started with and more familiar with the Key Exercise first, which is what I've done. It wasn't until recently that I felt drawn to get back to your book and thoroughly read and absorb the latter, most important chapters, which is what I'm doing now. I'm still not done, but OMG, the words are going straight to my heart. I feel like I've been given the "Keys to the Kingdom" as they say in AA. I see, I understand so much now. This is going to change my life more profoundly and rapidly now. Thank you so much for bringing this information through. It is a testament to you of the tremendous wisdom and love you possess and with your capacity to share it with the world."

"LOVE this book and through this, LOVE the work of Janet! When we begin to step away from our domestication and into our authentic power ... life becomes simply AWESOME!!! The book looks at stepping into your power through simply and amazing steps. Often time our growing up creates spaces where our negative thoughts become our reality ... LOVE the neutralizing technique!!!"

"A good friend of mine from California introduced me to Janet. What Janet has to share with me and the world is very exciting and important – that we can choose our own path, that we can neutralize negative energy we carry around with us and then use that neutral energy to empower us... She shows us that we can identify and change patterns in our lives for the better...and the best part of all is that we can connect with our origin, our pure soul essence, the part of the originating source of all there is...and amalgamate with our Higher Selves. How about that! First I read her book CHOICES. Then I went back to it over and over again testing its words against the events around my days. There is one exercise I love to use when I get stressed that is so simple. Think of the stress or emotional upset as black smoke coming out of the top of your head turning white as it does so. When you do it, you release some emotional diarrhea! Life is all about choices so then why not choose to succeed? "Each of you has the power, ability and knowledge to take full and complete control of your life, to neutralize what you desire to neutralize and to create what you desire to create. You are capable. You are able. And you are ready". This is the Higher Selves quote on page 67 from Janet’s book, CHOICES."

"My theory on spirituality is that Universal laws should be easy, not complex. Advancing spiritually should be fun and not considered work. Janet Richmond and her Higher Self information follow this pattern.

This book offers great perspectives that are easy to follow and easy to implement in your daily life. The meditation is simple. After a few times, I already had it pretty much memorized.

One thing I found amusing and never thought of doing was going in to my creative body and asking questions to see what I've been busy creating. And, since we all create our own reality, how can we blame anyone for anything that occurs in our lives? Whew! That's a relief. I love it when a plan comes together.

Another thing I learned from the book is that events in our life are neutral. From our past lives and experiences, we associate emotions with these events. Therein lies the problem. If we can separate our emotions from whatever occurs in our lives, we can break these patterns and deter the thought process that makes us continue to recreate these events.

There are many more situations Janet takes you through that are equally if not more important than these. Definitely worth reading and keeping as a reference. Janet also has a radio show on Blog Talk radio you can download from iTunes that is a natural follow through from here."

"This book provides simple exercises for dealing with a person's self-defeating patterns and behaviors, in a unique fashion that I've never seen before. It doesn't just tell you to think positively about yourself (although it does show how to do that); it also shows how you can get rid of negative patterns and behaviors that may be interfering with any positive thinking that you may have already implemented."

"Janet has written a fabulous book introducing everyone to the wisdom of the Higher Self information along with a practical guide to put these exercises into practice. It is flavored with her own personal wisdom, grace and understanding. This book is so powerful! You CAN make more enlightened choices!"
Lynne, Winnetka, CA

"I’ve been reading – and re-reading your book since I got it. It’s incredible – so helpful – so clear – so absolutely positive. Thank you!"

"First of all, I have to thank you for sending your book, and, especially, for writing it, since it is proving so helpful.  I suppose, in a way, it was a little irritating at first, for the simple reason that it was not possible to just sit down and read it, like most other books, but one could not in all conscience move on without practicing the exercises as they came up. Now these have become my daily meditation before I go to work every morning. Because of this, gradually my life and attitude towards it are changing for the better."

"I received your book several months ago, but never settled in to read it. It's now my 'middle of the night', 'can't sleep' favorite!! I really like it, but need to find a source to purchase it at wholesale for my store: The Crystal Voyage. I dropped a note to New Leaf Distributing to let them know it's a really great book. Thank you!"
Crystal, Crystal Voyage Bookstore Tacoma, WA

"I have read your book, Choices, a few times. Each time I glean new insight.  You did a fantastic job in writing it!"


On Janet's private Healing Sessions

"I can't even describe to you how I felt leaving your house after my session that day. The meditation was the first time I was able to go inside and really feel and see that light inside of myself. It was an extremely powerful experience for me. I am someone who I consider to be spiritually aware, yet here was a whole place inside of myself I have yet to explore! I have been growing and changing tremendously these last few years, really gaining a strong sense of self-awareness and self-realization... but your guided meditation was something that definitely opened up something new in the bigger picture of Me. I just wanted to reach out and say hi and let you know that you have had such a lasting impression on me. I hope all is well, Janet. Thank you again for all that you have done! :)"

"Because of your work, I feel like I can handle ANYTHING that comes along. Nothing, not even cancer, can throw me, if I just do the meditations. I know they'll bring about changes that will help in any situation. Feeling empowered means so much to me because I haven't felt empowered very often in my life. That's the worst part of having the kind of life I've had - bad things happening one after another - and then feeling helpless to make anything better. But now I know I can deal with anything that comes along. I don't feel powerless any more! Thanks for that!"

"Working with Janet can be a life changing experience. Highly recommend! Thanks!"

"Wonderful experience; kind soul. Feel calmer already. Will return often. Tx!"

"A true and pure soul who has an incredible gift, Highly recommend, will be back. 5*"

"THE most life changing purchase I've made on ebay! Janet, a thousand thank yous!"

"I called Janet for some help with deep issues and she responded by giving me a healing – actually 2 now. She calls them private sessions. I call them milestones. My friends have noticed my transformation as much as I have. A private session is like singing a beautiful and inspiring melody with someone, in this case, Janet."

"It has been wonderfully transforming for me to be involved with Janet's Conscious Meditations during our private sessions. I have been going through a challenging time in my life and have found the deeper connection I needed to excel to a new place within myself."


"WOW...a lot of movement in many ways since our session on Wed. I really felt in a very heightened state of awareness for at least 24 hours if not more. As I went for a walk with my dog the next day along a stream that runs through the woods I was awed at the vibrancy of everything around me. It was certainly a beautiful day to begin with yet I couldn't help feeling that extra measure of presence and beauty surrounding me. I feel as though you had blasted me with a stream of higher consciousness. My whole third eye area felt very wide and open.

Emotionally I feel stronger, more aware not only of myself but of everything. Of course I do vacillate between these new places of power and being confused, and stuck with my fears and doubts. However, when I do the neutralizing exercises now adding the new 5th dimensional higher self info you gave to me I feel myself going so much deeper...being sure to add the healing to others on this planet and beyond .I look eagerly to our next session. I feel like many events are culminating, leading me to this point in my life where I am being given the opportunity to raise my vibration and existence to be who I really am."
Lorah, Woodstock NY

"There are many practioners but few healers; you are an amazing healer.  I appreciate your ability, wisdom and kindness."

After 3 private sessions from Janet over a couple of weeks, I got six new clients within a few days and my relationship with my boyfriend greatly improved. He since has made a real commitment to me including taking me on a romantic trip to Europe! And my blood pressure (which is usually high) has come down to normal range. WOW! I have totally turned around my life and now have a happier, lighter feeling every day.   Her sessions have turned me into a complete believer.   She makes me comfortable and relaxed and warm and welcomed… and she hones right into my patterns… Meeting Janet was the best thing that ever happened to me!"


On Janet's Catalytic Art

"This is an awesome pic!! :) And the painting is even more amazing in person... Yeah Janet Richmond for your talents! :)"


On Janet's Workshops, Meetups and Teleclasses

"I attended a healing gathering with my dear friend. We didn't know anyone as it was our first experience. Knowing my friend's story, I was floored by the details Janet revealed relating to the pain my friend had experienced and the explanation of why she landed there and how to release this pain. When it was my turn, I didn't know what to expect. From the moment Janet started speaking honing in on me, I was a bit shocked. She picked up on recent events and steps I had taken to get healed from recent loss. She even referenced a decision I had revealed to my friend a few days prior. As Janet guided me to release negative energy neutralizing it, I felt lighter and reinforced. I could see everything she spoke of giving me tools to do this healing on my own. Our healing ended with tears of gratitude because what Janet shared served as a testimonial that I was on the right path!"
Jessica, Los Angeles

"This Meetup was great. The information and tools from the Higher Self Voice is so empowering. I am seeing and feeling results and gaining so much insight. I'm so thankful I was introduced to this work."

"This was so powerful for me. Janet is very gentle but effective in her delivery of knowledge and guidance. The tools that she has provided are just what I needed. I have been asking in my daily prayers to be guided to the right people to assist in my journey. Check off another prayer answered. Thank you to Janet and all of the guests. It was a night to remember."

"It was informative, empowering and transformational. I have been using some of the techniques I learned. I will be going back, I want to perfect some of what I've learned and see how things unfold!"


My friend Lorraine had some obvious healing results immediately, having less pain and more mobility in her hip (which had been her issue). The next day she was still feeling the positive effects."

"I've been going from meet-up to meet-up looking for answer. Here, I have finally found the answers I have been looking for."

"Janet was amazing and this was a wonderful experience. I am going back again since there was a healing for me."

"It was so nice to meet you today. And you did a great meditation...you don't know HOW great. When I left the Bodhi Tree and ran out to my car, there was NO TICKET ON IT!!! Woo hoo! Then I ran out to Santa Monica to pick up a couple of things from a store. Traffic was heavy and frustrating all the way there. Not only did I get there 5 minutes before they closed, I got a parking space RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FRONT DOOR, AND it had 25 minutes left on the meter!!! (In Santa Monica that's a miracle) Does it get better than that??? I laughed about that all the way home. I really believe doing that meditation, letting go of the negatives and the gunk, made me the luckiest person on the planet! LOL Thanks!"

"Upon arrival at this Meetup group, Janet greets you with warmth and a smile. The classes are held in a friendly environment with like minded people. I have found the courses that she teaches to be very informative and the Amalgamation (guided meditations) she shares to be empowering. Highly recommended for those on the spiritual path. "

"I attended Janet Richmond’s workshop on Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Patterns in the fall of 2010. I really did not think I had all that many negative thoughts, but I wanted to meet the author of a book called CHOICES – which I did known I had many choices to make all day long and wanted to do what I could to make those the best choices possible. I bought her book at that workshop, and then met with Janet for the free one hour consultation. Through this, I learned the process of amalgamating of which I strongly recommend for all who desire strong change and clarity.

What was most interesting to me was reading Choices, Chapter 4, called How the Unconscious Works – Understanding our Etheric bodies. Here is where I learned to bring all of my thoughts and beliefs, limitations habits, emotional blue prints into a light that neutralized them on the spot. I have never felt freer, clearer and more powerful in my life. The process was simple and only required a little practice and some quiet time every day. The process Janet taught me set me in motion to let go of fears, confusion, frustration so that I could start to make choices that supported my life purpose instead of keeping it at bay. Janet told me a month ago, that I soon would not recognize myself - and as I stayed committed to the process, I saw how this prediction was right on target. I can’t wait for 6 months or even a year of doing this process so that I can further evaluate this journey of discovery. I now make daily empowering choices to create new patterns in my life and I get to enjoy the power of this every single day. Thank you for your dedication to this information Janet, and I look forward to helping you spread the word."

Sheryl Lynn, founder of The Seven Figure Challenge

"What a fantastic evening! The work is so helpful and clear. I got the best night sleep I've had in months!!! Now I'm reading your book and loving it! Thank you for all your insight!!!!"

"I can't wait for the rest of the classes. Janet is a beautiful soul that has a wonderful intent. If you want to explore “Light Energy” this is the class."
Noelle, Sherman Oaks CA

"It was a pleasure meeting you and taking your class yesterday. You're a truly gifted individual who has an important message for society. I'm on Chapter 5 of your book and really enjoying the spiritual information."
Niko, Anaheim CA

"I don't get tired of repeating that I am so happy I found you and all this information… I feel I'm at the right place now... I am happy...:)"
Marlene, Sherman Oaks CA

"This course was very informative and the amalgamation meditations were empowering. I really resonated with the information that was given. It confirmed what I had heard about, or experienced myself and I also picked up some new information. I really look forward to what I will be learning in The Astral part 2 course! Thanks Janet!"

"Great session Janet ... I learned more about the deep-rooted causes of my current ailments and impediments to fulfilling my active destiny than ever before! I greatly appreciate the group energy and healing work on my behalf.""
Dorian, Sherman Oaks CA

"Hi Janet ... looking forward to the next teleclass ... I was on the one you had this week. It was great! Great to connect with you! I really enjoyed learning about your methods and meditations. Can't wait to incorporate with consistency. Hope you have more calls!"

"Very enjoyable and inspiring is my description of this evening spent at this event. One thing I love, is that it goes beyond theory....you get practical, how-to information that is quite effective."

"I've enjoyed your teleconference series immensely! I'm looking forward to other teleconferences you may offer in the future. The recordings have a wealth of information contained within them. It's generous of you to make them available.  I find the information contained within them quite valuable, so much so that I transcribed it to help me get a better grasp of it."

"Everything makes so much sense to me... I am just happy i found this group! I have a huge desire to learn more about this... :)"

"This is the best yet I have exprienced. A lot of information to think about...I am looking forward to the next Meetup. Janet is very kind..."

"It is just what I need and have been searching for. Everything resonates with me and comes together in a loving and reasonable way. I can't wait to learn more!"


On Janet's Radio Show

"A huge heart felt thank you Janet! That was an incredible healing. I appreciate your insight and will keep Neutralizing these issues! It is very helpful to have the information you shared to go by. Love your show. I will continue tuning in each week."

"I just wanted to say that listening to your archived radio show has really made a difference for me, my business, my life, etc. And I'm spreading the word. One of my friends ordered your book, another is loving (and always looks forward to) listening to your radio shows (archived), and I tell many clients about your site as well. Life is great, my business is continuing to grow and flourish and I'm getting so many opportunities. So much of this big boost in my life is due to the conscious meditations. So thank you!"

"I just wanted to let you know, I have never experienced from a "radio ipod" recording anything close to a healing. But something happened when I listened a few minutes to you. I have to say, you're onto something in your soul level connection and your VOICE is apparently doing instant karmic healings. I am grateful and will work with these two downloads, and thanks again."
name witheld

"I've been listening to your shows. I listened to the worthlessness one (my big issue) last night and slept like a baby, afterwards. You must understand what an insomniac I am. I can't remember the last time I didn't need to take something to put me to sleep. But I didn't need to last night. I just now listened to the financial lack one. The last room that I saw (in the cave) became the little cottage I want so much in the mid west. The scene grew lighter and lighter and I grew more and more joyous to be in my own house, finally. I just finished the meditation and I feel SO good. Your meditations do that to me. I'm going to have to try and listen to a different show every night (or these same ones over and over to really neutralize my issues). I've been so depressed and in fear and despair lately. I'd much rather listen to your shows and feel great afterwards. Thank you so much!"

"Hey Janet, I really love listening to your radio show- still on the March archives.. But I really do think it has brought me into focus with my business- I attended a 2-day entrepreneur workshop (got a ticket randomly for free!) and am now working with a business coach. I'm really psyched and and am starting to have a clear vision of how I want my business to grow. Love you!"

"I loved the healing you did in today's show. I felt such a sense of love, peace and connectedness. I've been listening to your archives all day. They are all so great! I've been replaying the show you did with me that focused on releasing fatigue and self criticism of wanting to be perfect and am now shifting to easily allowing in self love. A few days after the healing I met with a friend and afterward received a message from her saying I looked fantastic, flawless and gorgeous & she was proud to have me as a friend. Talk about a huge shift. Much gratitude to you for your amazing work!"
, Colorado

"Loving your show, website and book. This is wonderful stuff and it's working for me, although I've got a long way to go. I'm truly interested in learning then teaching this. It resonated in me immediately that this was something that has been missing. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with us all."
Ann, Missouri

"Thank you so much for the show you did on blog talk radio on July 21st. I have listened and re-listened to it making many notes. I caught the last portion live and I truly appreciate the healing energy work that you did. I was crying and my eyes would pop open in shock at some of the things you said. I thought you were talking to me for sure but when I listened again I heard that you had taken a request from a caller and I was in the chat. Either way, I believe we are all one and that love and healing energy benefit the world. So whether it was me you sensed directly or not it helped me immensely. I hope you felt the energy of appreciation and gratefulness that I sent back to you but I wanted to make a point to let you know how thankful I am. Your message and the healing have had a huge impact on my life.."

"I've listened to the replay of your first radio show. Great job! You sure are articulate. Your explanations are easy to follow, your speaking style is warm, and your stories are entertaining and insightful. Plain and simple, you're on a roll."

"I listened to the show.... and was blown away!! Janet you are fantastic... I listened to it all and it is just wonderful. I am looking forward to learning more."

"I adore you, Janet and you're show is wonderful. xoxo"

"I have been listening to all of your radio shows, reading your book and doing at least 1 Amalgamation exercise daily and I can feel myself transforming. Today I feel very happy for no reason and my relationships are changing. Thank you very much for sharing this information. Affirmations were helping me but I still felt stuck. I knew negative thoughts in my subconscious kept coming out. This was a missing piece I needed and I am so grateful to you for teaching me this!! My short-term goal is to do these at least daily for 6 months:) I'm sure I will be like you and continue to use the process forever especially now that I realize we are in earth school so I want to evolve as much as I can. I am noticing big changes in many areas and know it will just take time.

Before I knew about you I was doing work on healing my inner child. Now when I am neutralizing I add in her issues and when doing the empowerment I ask for divine love for my inner child. I can feel it working. Thanks again for this valuable incredible information. I so appreciate what you are doing! I will keep listening… :)


"I greatly appreciate both of the proper self-love healing meditations and shows. The energy feels so powerful. I had a hard day due to PMS and brain fog and the symptoms were causing me to make mistakes at work and I was feeling emotional and depressed. I went home and listened to the archive and afterward felt such deep love, bliss and comfort. The depression was gone. I can't thank you enough. Much love and gratitude to you!"
Denyse, CO

"I began reading material on your website and listening to your archived radio programs right away. I am not an impulsive person, though I do follow my intuition. I noticed immediately that there is something about your presence and about the Higher Selves approach that spoke to me; it is reasonable, non-dogmatic, and stimulated a feeling of familiarity in me - the energy is moved in a healing manner. Clearly the Higher Selves approach is more powerful, infinitely so, because of the conscious amalgamation with divinity, and the conscious directing of divine energy during the meditation. And - important to me - that the energy is visualized and experienced as LIGHT.

Last night I tuned into your radio show of 3/10. The meditations were powerful. (From the first one last week, I experienced shifts in my energy during the meditation). After the meditations last night I couldn't sleep; my mind and body were restless. I didn't fall asleep until after 4 a.m. I woke up at 11 a.m. feeling happy, content and fulfilled. My dreams had been peaceful and gratifying. Whatever I had felt was unresolved the night before was resolved when I woke up. I went on to have a day in which everything flowed; I completed all my tasks on time at work; my meetings were excellent; everyone was saying Yes to me, Yes to my highest hopes. I went to a meeting after work of the woman's club I am an officer in, and experienced ease and contentment and love for my fellow members (not my normal frustration and impatience). Thanks so much."
Susan (for more on her continued story, follow this link)

"Listening to you on blog talk radio - you’re amazing."