Glossary of Terms

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1st Dimension – The first level of evolutionary Soul consciousness/awareness. It consists of the Mineral Kingdom (the planets) and is governed by Instinctive Will.

2nd Dimension – The second level of evolutionary Soul consciousness/awareness. It consists of the Plant Kingdom (the flora) and is governed by Instinctive Will.

3rd Dimension – The third level of evolutionary Soul consciousness/awareness. It consists of the Animal Kingdom (the fauna) and is governed by Instinctive Will.

4th Dimension – The fourth level of evolutionary Soul consciousness/awareness. It consists of the Human Kingdom (incarnate and disincarnate) and is governed by Free Will.

5th Dimension – The fifth level of evolutionary Soul consciousness/awareness. It consists of the Inner-Planetary Kingdom (Inner-Planetaries/Higher Selves) and is governed by Spiritual Will. All Humans eventually ‘graduate’ into this dimension.

5th Dimensionals – The overall term that refers to the Souls that have graduated to the 5th Dimension.

6th Dimension – The sixth level of evolutionary Soul consciousness/awareness. It consists of the Spiritual Hierarchy Kingdom and is governed by Spiritual Will.

7th Dimension – The seventh level of evolutionary Soul consciousness/awareness. It is governed by Spiritual Will. There is yet to be much information about this dimension.

Altered Reality – An Etheric, but very real, environment in which Energy Identities live. Although the term Altered Reality generally relates to the environment itself, it is sometimes also used as another term for the Energy Identities themselves.

Amalgamation – The joining or blending of your own energy field with the energy field of the Higher Selves and/or the Originating Source. This terms is also used by the Higher Selves to describe the various other blendings, such as when two or more Soul Aspects return to their Soul Conglomerate or when an individual centers or focuses on their Pure Soul Essence. Amalgamating is done by verbally stating the following:

“I am one with my Pure Soul Essence Light and I ask that it fully encompass the totality of my Physical Body and my Etheric Bodies. I become one with the Originating Source of All There Is. I am Amalgamated with the Totality of my Higher Selves.” 

Animal Kingdom(See definition for ‘3rd Dimension’)

Aspects – Parts of a Soul that have divided or “broken off” to live their own individual existences. Each part is separate but equal in that each Aspect contains the Totality of the originating Soul.

Aspecting – The action of a Soul dividing into separate but equal individual parts. Aspecting is the very nature of evolution.

AstralAn energy field that surrounds the Earth and contains the projected thoughts of all the humanities past and present. It is considered to be the Thought Form Body of the planet Earth and just like any human’s Thought Form Bodies its energy identities are soulless and mindless and are heavily weighted to the negative. The Astral is not heaven although some disincarnate human Souls are stuck there. 5th Dimensional Inner-Planetaries who are here to assist in the evolution of Planet Earth also work from within the Astral.

Attachee – A human being, incarnate on this planet, who has an entity (a disincarnate human) emotionally ‘attached’ to him/her. It is important to note that a disincarnate entity cannot attach to another human unless that human already has something in their own personal Thought Form Body that matches it or draws it in.

Capstone – A Soul Aspect that further branches out into more Aspects in an effort to learn and evolve. The term Capstone refers to the fact that these Aspects (when moving back up within the Soul Conglomerate) must first Amalgamate with their Capstone.

Catalytic Art – Artwork that combines the conscious infusion of Divine Energy along with the unconscious technique of applying color, thus creating a piece of art that carries the energy that will continually assist in healing, resolution, release, empowerment and/or manifestation of specific situations or conditions.

Channeling – The merging of the mind of a Human Being (who is incarnate on the planet) with the Soul of a disincarnate Human (who resides in the Human Kingdom Heavens). It is impossible for a disincarnate Soul to move into and take over a body. The Higher Selves have always strongly recommended that anytime channeling is attempted, it is wise to first Amalgamate with your own Higher Selves as this creates a force field of protection around you through which no one can trespass unless they are fully aligned with your own higher good.

Conglomerate SoulThe Totality of each and every Aspect that belongs to the same Soul family. Conglomerate Souls exists for any group that carries a shared history and can refer to many levels (i.e. the Conglomerate Soul of the Earth, the Conglomerate Soul of the 3rd Dimension, etc.)

Conscious MeditationThe process of remaining Conscious and in the now while receiving information from the Higher Selves in order that the information can be brought into your every day world on a moment-to-moment basis. (In classic meditation practices information it is taken in at the subconscious level while in the Alpha state and, in most cases, buried there so that you do not have access to it on a moment-to-moment basis.)

Conscious or Consciousness – 1.) The state of being actively aware of your thoughts, your physical body, your current state of mind and all that is going on around you. 2.) An attempt to keep your focus of attention on specific thoughts or a specific state of mind without allowing in transient thoughts. 3.) A higher level of Soul awareness.

Creative BodyA envelope of energy surrounding each Human Being that contains all of the potential creations as they exist at this point in time. The Creative Body uses your Thought Forms, Habit Imprints and Emotional Blueprints to slowly weave the pattern that will ultimately filter through and manifest into your physical reality. It is here that your outward physical life is manufactured. This manufacturing process takes place over a period of time prior to its manifestation into the physical. It is this Creative Body that can be read to determine what you are creating for your future.

Creative Life Force Energy – The compelling force within all that exists. It is an impersonal energy that creates based on the nature and quality of the fuel it has to work with. The fuel in the Human Kingdom is the Thought Forms, Habit Imprints and the Emotional Blueprints we carry.

Divine Energies – Energy (in its purest form) that comes directly from Originating Source and pertains to a specific aspect of evolution (e.g. Divine Love, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Mind). While a Divine Energy exists in a state of Totality, it must be de-intensified down to a level that is accessible to the entity wishing to utilize it.

Divine Frequencies – Another term for Divine Energies. (See definition of ‘Divine Energies’)  

Dimensions – Frequency levels that represent the Evolutionary stages of a Soul.

Drifter – A disincarnate human (who has a Soul) or an Astral Thought Form (that is Soul-less) that has not attached itself to any specific human but instead drifts aimlessly through the Astral band occasionally aligning itself to energies that are similar to it but rarely creating a more permanent attachment.

Emotional Blueprints – Patterns held in the Emotional Body that govern how we will respond emotionally to any given situation. A Blueprint is a response pattern built up from previous lifetimes. The Conglomerate of all the like responses have become the Emotional Blueprints. In this life when an event occurs the response pattern is triggered releasing an emotional reaction from the past that greatly colors (or discolors) how we experience the event in the present. It is important to note that when you do work within the Emotional Body you are neutralizing the Blueprint, not the emotions themselves.

Emotional BodyAn envelope of energy surrounding each human being in which our Emotional Blueprints are held.

Emotionalizing – Unconsciously falling into an emotion and, as a result, not Consciously controlling the ‘now’ of the moment. When you become Conscious or aware that you are emotionalizing you stand within the center of the emotion, not being the emotion but allowing the emotion to be whatever it is.

Entity – The word ‘Entity’ is most often used by the Higher Selves when referring to a disincarnate human who resides within the Human Kingdom Heavens; however, it is sometimes also used in its broader term, referring to any being from any dimension.

Energy Identities – Soul-less and mindless energy forms that are created from our own Thought Forms, Emotional Blueprints and Habit Imprints. Once an Energy Identity has been projected into existence, it then moves out to literally create a life for itself within the Altered Reality environment. It is interesting to note that although these Energy Identites (that live side by side with each of us) are often viewed as separate or secondary to our everyday physical lives, they are, in fact, the deciding force behind all we do.

Etheric Bodies – The Thought Form Body, the Emotional Body, the Habit Body and the Creative Body (and others) that occupy the etheric space around the physical body.

Etheric ShapesEach section of the Human Kingdom Universe is governed by a specific etheric energy, which then emanates outward through a specific shape.

Evolutionary Concept – Any one of a number of specific evolutionary ages that occur throughout a planet’s history. They are characterized by their own philosophies and higher levels of wisdom and knowledge (e.g. Atlantean, Egyptian, New Age, Christ Consciousness). Each subsequent Evolutionary Concept signifies a jump to a higher level of awareness and education. The same Evolutionary Concepts play out on all planets but each with vastly differing results.

Evolutionary Council – A group of higher-level (5th, 6th & 7th Dimensional) entities that could be said to be in charge of the evolutionary progression of all Souls.

Evolutionary Mission – The commitment of service to the Humanities (as well as the other three lower levels) that all 5th Dimensionals Souls carry.

Evolutionary Thrust – A process whereby Originating Source makes a leap forward in its own evolution, moving all Souls from a lower energy vibration into a higher energy vibration.

Fifth Dimensionals – The overall term that refers to the Souls that inhabit the 5th Dimension.

Freeze Frame – A tool used by 5th Dimensionals during the Reflection process that allows them to contain or ‘freeze’ the Entity in the moment in order to facilitate communicate between themselves and the surrogate human. When that Entity is released from the Freeze Frame they continue on in the same manner as if nothing had happened. As with any work the Higher Selves perform, they cannot trespass the Free Will of any human (whether incarnate or disincarnate), and must first gain permission from that human (at the conscious or unconscious level).

Frequency Shift – The movement of a planet to the next highest vibratory frequency. Those Souls who are not ready to evolve along with that planet will move on and reincarnate onto another planet more in keeping with it’s own personal Soul growth.

Habit BodyAn envelope of energy surrounding each human being in which our Habit Imprints reside.

Habit Imprints – Imprints in the Habit Body that are created based on the consistency of our thoughts as they are projected in lifetime after lifetime. Habit Imprints carry no Conscious thought though they can be deeply ingrained. It is for this reason that in many instances a Soul incarnates and goes through the same conditions that have been played out over lifetimes. With each play-out the Habit Imprint is reinforced. The Thought Form impresses the Habit Body, which in turn reinforces the Thought Form itself. And the cycle continues.

Healing Circle – The Healing Circle is a symbolic, but very real, focus of 5th Dimensional ‘healing energy’ that works to create a state of perfect balance for anything that is placed within it, whether it be a person, a situation, a condition or area of imbalance. It is tended by a specific group of Higher Selves on a continual basis, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day and is on call to be utilized at any point in time. When a person or situation is focused into the Healing Circle the Higher Selves move in and begin immediate action upon it. In some instances those that are open to perfection will receive the healing quickly. In other instances the healing may take place over a period of time. And in some instances the healing for that particular person can simply be to lay aside the body and go into the Human Kingdom Heavens. The Higher Selves work in accordance to the highest ideal of the Soul and will not trespass the Free Will of any individual placed within the Healing Circle. They will however remain in place and continue, over long periods of time, to tend and feed the energy until such time the Soul has reached a state of acceptance and can handle that which is being given to it.

Higher Heart Consciousness – One of the Evolutionary Concepts that is the highest level of Love attainable within the 4th Dimensional Human Kingdom. It is the level that all humans must reach prior to graduating to the 5th Dimension.

Higher Selves – 5th Dimensionals who Consciously project thought, in a de-intensified frequency, into the Human Kingdom in order to assist in the evolutionary process of the four lower Kingdoms.

Human Kingdom(See definition for ‘4th Dimension’)

Human Kingdom Heavens – The Etheric space that houses disincarnate human Souls that are in between lifetimes. It is important to remember that the Human Kingdom Heavens do not exist separate and apart from the Human Kingdom (as is the commonly accepted impression of heaven) but rather reside within, and therefore are a component of, the Human Kingdom (or 4th Dimension). With this in mind, it should always be remembered that a human remains a human even in the disincarnate state; in other words, death does not automatically elevate a human into a higher stage of evolution. 

In Frequency – The process a Human uses in order to enter into and communicate with the Higher Selves at the 5th Dimensional level.

Instinctive Will – The energy level of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimension relating to the fact that the Souls on these levels go through their evolutionary process based on genetic programming and unconscious instincts.

Inner-Planetaries(See definition for ‘5th Dimensionals’)

Inner-Planetary Kingdom(See definition for ‘5th Dimension’)

KarmaWhile there certainly are lessons and conditions that we set up for ourselves in order that we might grow and expand, Karma is actually a habit that individuals perpetuate lifetime after lifetime, which can instantly be broken through the process of neutralizing the Thought Forms and the Habit Imprints that keep these conditions playing out.

ManifestingCreating into your outer reality that which is contained in your Etheric Bodies.

Master Teachers – Disincarnate Human Souls who are trained by 5th Dimensionals. It is important to note that laying aside the body does not automatically create a Master Teacher. They are high level 4th Dimensionals who decide to take on the hundreds of years of training necessary to become Masters. They offer help by working the path of “Guide” for humans in their evolutionary process. This also helps prepare them for their own graduation to the 5th Dimension.

Mineral Kingdom(See definition for ‘1st Dimension’)

New Age – The next Evolutionary Concept in line for Planet Earth.

Originating Source - The neutral, balanced energy that is the originating source of all life. This is another term for God/Allah/Universal Source, etc.  It is used instead of the more common words, as it is free of personal connotations and personal bias and does not trigger the Astral energies.

Pattern Healing – Healing that refers to the neutralizing and balancing of recurring sets of unconscious responses.

Planetary SeedingThe process through which a new planet is infused with different aspects of evolutionary information.

Plant Kingdom(See definition for ‘2nd Dimension’)

Proper Self Love The cultivation of a strong, positive and Conscious relationship to the self, based on our true perfect identity and not on our outward expression. As a result it contains no self-judgment. Proper Self Love is an energy that is part of Higher Heart Consciousness.

Pure Soul Essence – The Divine part of every Soul that is a part of, and directly connected to, Originating Source. It is the highest, purest, most perfect part of each Soul. Moving into your Pure Soul Essence activates the connection with Originating Source and allows access to all knowledge, wisdom and power from the highest Totality of All that Exists.

Purity of Purpose and Sincerity of Motive – A focus on the overall good of the humanities, in a real desire to assist, that allows us to move into the Divine Will frequency and unleash 5th Dimensional energy.

Reflecting – The process that a human (incarnate) uses in order to mirror or act out that which an entity (disincarnate) wishes to express or communicate. The human who Reflects that entity remains in complete control of all his/her bodily functions and mental abilities throughout the entire process. This process differs from channeling in that the entity does not merge its Soul with the mind of the human.

Rainbow BridgeA potent symbol that, when focused upon, allows you to activate a high-level energy stream that pertains to the seven major Chakra centers. This energy can then be directed into any situation or condition that requires re-balancing.

Soulis considered to be the conscious and unconscious energy and experiences of each current life. The Soul can be described as the conglomeration of the Minds of the past. After death the current Mind joins the conglomerate Soul energy. As the Soul evolves it moves into higher and higher states of Consciousness.

Soul ScrambleA term that decribes the probelmatic path a soul embarks on when it comes out of a lifetime having locked in to an erroneous conclusion. This affects a soul’s choices in a few or many of its subsequent reincarnations, thereby taking the soul on a difficult journey to unscramble the false belief, which leads to a deeper understanding and self awareness.

Soul/Mind DetoxThe purging from your Soul/Mind of misunderstandings, false assumptions, erroneous conclusions and emotional baggage that have built up into hardened layers over many years and lifetimes. The Soul/Mind Detox must occur before you can experience the fully magnificent life that is your birthright.  

Spiritual Will – The energy level of the 5th, 6th and 7th Dimensions relating to the fact that  the Souls have made the Conscious (as opposed to Instinctual) choice to operate on a moment-to-moment basis according to Divine Will.

Symbolism The use of words, shapes or pictures that, when evoked, unleash into your own vibration the energy that resides within that symbol. The use of symbolism, while powerful and necessary, many times creates a ‘phenomenon’ aspect that makes us lock into the symbol itself rather than the very real energy that that symbol represents. Symbolism is the most powerful tool that we as humans have to access and manipulate energy that exists at an etheric level

Surrogate – To “stand in place of” a disincarnate Entity for the purposes of healing that Entity. The human who stands in place for that Entity remains in complete control of all his/her bodily functions and mental abilities throughout the entire process.

Thought Form BodyA envelope of energy surrounding each human being in which every thought from every lifetime resides.

Thought Forms – Groupings of like thoughts that are created at the Etheric level from every thought a Soul has ever had. Thought Forms live within the Thought Forms Body and continue to magnetically attract more like thoughts, resulting in Thought Forms that can be very powerful or very weak. Once created, a Thought Form immediately moves out and builds energy and empowers itself with all that is like it by taking in every thought that is similar to it whether it comes from the Soul that created it or from others who direct like thoughts towards you.